2nd Fire Force Stage Play Canceled for Two Days Due to Illness of A Performer



The official Twitter for the ongoing second stage play adaptation of Atsushi Ohkubo's dark battle fantasy manga Enn Enn no Shouboutai / Fire Force announced that its performances at Sankei Hall Breeze in Osaka on January 27 and 28 have been canceled due to illness of a performer.


Following the well-received first play in the summer of 2020, the second play entitled Butai Enn Enn no Shouboutai – Hakai no Hana, Souzou no Oto – / Stage Play Fire Fore – The Flower of Destruction, The Sound of Creation- was scheduled to be performed at KT Zepp Yokohama in Kanagawa from January 18 to 23, then at Sankei Hall Breeze in Osaka from January 27 to 30. Amid the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout Japan, the nine performances at the Kanagawa venue were held without incident.


However, before the opening day at the Osaka venue, the cancelation of its first two-day performances has been decided. The press release does not mention the specific symptoms of the performer who is ill (Whether he/she is infected with COVID-19 or not). Four performances are still scheduled for January 29 and 30, but at this point it is unclear whether they will be held or not.  








Source: "Fire Force" stage play official Twitter


© Atsushi Ohkubo, KODANHSA/"Stage Play "Fire Force" Production Committee


Source: Crunchyroll


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