AGDQ 2022 Marathon Speedruns Its Way Past $3.4 Million Raised for Prevent Cancer Foundation

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Another Awesome Games Done Quick marathon has come to a close, bringing an end to an incredible week full of record-breaking speedruns and impressive feats of video game mastery. Now that AGDQ 2022 is over, the final tally is in, and the event officially raised over $3.4 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.


This marks the highest grand total ever for a single GDQ event—an amazing $3,416,729 to be exact—showing that the speedrunning community continues to outdo itself every time one of these week-long streams takes place. 



The event started at 11:30am on Sunday, January 9 and wrapped up with its finale around 2:00am on Sunday, January 16. In that time, viewers were treated to everything from a Featherless Nioh 2 run to the usual awful block, a bunch of classic games, and a mind-boggling dash through FromSoftware's Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice… blindfolded. 


Next up is the all-women's event Frost Fatales on the week of February 27, followed by Summer Games Done Quick, the dates for which will be announced later. 




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Source: Crunchyroll


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