Aniplex Acquires Fate/Grand/Order Game Developer Group From Delight Works


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Some big news for those who play smash hit mobile game Fate/Grand Order this morning, as both Aniplex the game’s global publisher and Delight Works, the game’s developer since 2015 have announced a business transaction where Aniplex will poach the game development group from Delight Works and merge it under the Aniplex corporate umbrella of subsidiary companies. 


Fate/Grand Order menu screen


The acquisition will function by Delight Works spinning off the video game development group into its own business entity with a new name, whereby Aniplex will then turn the new company into a new directly managed subsidiary, moving the active and continuing development of Fate/Grand Order directly under Aniplex. The process is expected to be concluded by Spring 2022 pending shareholder approval, and Delight Works will continue all current non-game development activities and projects.


SOURCES: Aniplex (JP), DelightWorks (JP) Animation Business Journal (JP)

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