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Bassist Joins the Band in Bocchi the Rock! TV Anime Key Visual

A promotional image announcing the Bocchi the Rock! TV anime, featuring an image of the main character, a shy young woman named Hitori Goto, sitting in a darkened room next to her electric guitar.


A new key visual and a new cast member have been revealed for Bocchi the Rock!, an upcoming TV anime based on the 4-panel manga by Aki Hamaji about a shy girl who begins to come out of her shell through the power of rock music.


In Bochi the Rock!, voice actor Saku Mizuo plays Ryou Yamada (pictured below), a cool and eccentric second year high school student who plays bass in the "Kessoku Band".



The story of Bocchi the Rock! follows Hitori Goto, nicknamed "Bocchi-chan," a lonely high school girl who loves playing the guitar and spends her days playing alone at home. Hitori has a negative personality and she is not very sociable, but after uploading a video of her guitar playing online, she is recruited to join the "Kessoku Band" by its drummer, Nijika Ijichi. Hitori is not used to playing in front of people, but will she be able to become a great band member?


A key visual for the upcoming Bocchi the Rock! TV anime, featuring bass player Ryou Yamada sitting in a darkened laundromat in her school uniform with her bass guitar laying across her lap.


The Bocchi the Rock! TV anime is directed by Keiichiro Saito and features animation production by CloverWorks. The series is scheduled to broadcast in Japan in 2022.


Source: Comic Natalie


Copyright notice: © Aki Hamaji / Houbunsha・Aniplex


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