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Chainsaw Man Artist Tatsuki Fujimoto Reveals Cover for "Goodbye, Eri" Manga

from the cover of Goodbye, Eri


In April of this year, Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto brought us Goodbye, Eri: a 200-page one-shot web manga released on Shonen Jump+. The manga will be receiving a print run next month — and today on the Chainsaw Man Twitter account, we got our first look at its cover.


Goodbye, Ertells the story of Yuta Ito, a middle-school boy who chronicles the life of his terminally-ill mother and eventually cuts it into a 20-minute film. His fellow students react poorly except for Eri, who invites him to watch movies with her and eventually make a new, more informed film. Fact and fiction collide as Yuta turns their relationship into his next movie, simultaneously revealing secrets about both Eri and his mother initially left on the cutting room floor.


Check out the cover for the upcoming print edition, featuring Eri as seen through Yuta's camera:





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Goodbye, Eri comes out in print in Japan on July 4. The manga is licensed in English by Viz, and is available to read on their website for Shonen Jump subscribers.


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