Crunchyroll Announces 2022 Anime Awards and Reveals Judges!


Crunchyroll is proud to announce that the Anime Awards are returning for their sixth year! As the…eventful year that was 2021 draws to a close, it is time, once again for anime fans to come together as a community and reflect upon the diverse array of anime that aired this year and the amazing, talented people behind the scenes that brought it to life! 


Last year, anime fans across more than 200 countries and territories cast over 15 million votes, and we can't wait to see where the community takes us this year! This year's nominees will be announced and voting will begin on Tuesday, January 18 2022 at 9 AM PST. Voting will then close on Tuesday, January 25 2022 at 5 PM PST. Winners will be revealed Wednesday, February 9. 


Along with announcing the return of the Anime Awards, we are also excited to introduce this year's panel of judges! 


Anime Awards 2022


Every year, the judges are pivotal to the Anime Awards–their votes independently determine the list of nominees for each category. Each of their unique critical point of views combine to reflect the diversity of opinions and points of view across the entire global community of anime fans. Judges were hand-selected by Crunchyroll's community team based on their reputation, regard, and credibility, and represent large swaths of the huge diversity that can be found in the anime fandom at large.


A quick note: as with last year, the bios you’ll see below were written by the judges in their language of choice and have been adopted for your pleasure in whichever language you’re reading right now. Beyond translation, they have only been altered by the Crunchyroll team for clarity. Without further delay, please meet our judges for the 2022 Anime Awards!



Abdul Saad


Abdul Saad is a seasoned anime and manga critic, art lover, and professional journalist. He's also the head anime and manga writer at BagoGames. When he's not covering the medium's latest news, he's giving his candid opinions on the season's most unique titles or exploring the niche side of the industry. He has also played and reviewed more games than he could ever count.



Abi Camarillo


Abi Camarillo is a journalist who has devoted a large part of her professional life to soft news and entertainment, always aiming to bring in her otaku nature. That didn't seem enough for her and her love for anime, so she's the cofounder and co-host of Sugoi Cast!



Ajay Stewart


AnimeAjay is perhaps best known for his production of informative videos about the animation process, and continues to provide valuable analysis of shows old and new across social media.



Alejandro Padilla


An enthusiast of anime, video games, technology, and the geek world. Creator of the project, which has been online since 2002. Currently he is the host of the MultiAnime Podcast with Andy San and collaborates in several projects related to entertainment culture.



Alessandro Falciatore


Editorial director of the italian website and host of the Tokyo Eyes radio show on RadioAnimati.



Alexandre Esteves


Host of the Jumentossauro channel on YouTube. The guy with the unpopular opinions. 



Alexey Filippov


Alexey Fillipov is an editor at Kino-Teatr, one of the most popular online databases of information related to films and TV-shows in Russia. Host of the Monday Karma podcast, regular contributor to Iskusstva Kino. He writes about cinema, TV-series and animation for Esquire, GQ, Afisha, KinoTV and RussoRusso.  



Alfonso Ortiz


Alfonso "Fonzy" Ortiz is from and resides in Texas. He's lived in L.A. and Tokyo for several years and has been in the anime and gaming industry for the better part of a decade. Having a huge fondness for anime and video games, he strives to help grow the community bigger than it already is. An '80s born, through-and-through, he is excited to be a part of history where his generation is now taking over the mainstream market! 


Otaku Unite!



Andrew Girdwood


Andrew is the publishing editor at the Geek Native blog, which merges anime reviews and trailers into a host of tabletop RPG content.



Andrew McDanell


After consuming anime for over 25 years, Andrew started up the Otaku Spirit Animecast podcast and YouTube Channel with his brother, Chris. Connecting with fans from many countries across the world, their goal has always been to break from the mold and serve a community with a positive and entertaining view of the fandom they love so much. With over 1,700 anime titles under his belt and nearly 1,000 anime reviews recorded, Andrew has enjoyed giving every show a chance and never falls onto the 3 episode rule.



Anne Delseit


The magazine AnimaniA has been informing the German-speaking fan community about anime, manga, games, and Japanese (pop) culture since 1994. Since 2013, Anne Delseit has been part of the editorial team of the sizable German print magazine, which is currently published bimonthly in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The editorial department annually hosts the popular convention AnimagiC, which is also steeped in tradition. Anne also works as an author on comic, manga, and webtoon projects with artists from Germany and abroad. She can’t wait to travel to Japan again.



Benjamin Guy


A qualified primary teacher and long-time gamer, Benjamin has worked in games media for the last ten years as part of Invision Game Community. Born in the UK, Benjamin’s first experiences with anime were during his childhood where he watched Pokémon, Dragon Ball and Yu-gi-oh! whenever possible before eventually moving on to more niche titles in his twenties. As part of Invision’s team, he has reviewed a large number of anime-adjacent titles and become intimately knowledgeable on the topic and the culture surrounding it. Recently, he has been watching through Studio Ghibli’s catalogue again and immersing himself in My Hero Academia.



Briana Lawrence


Briana is trying her best to cosplay as a responsible adult. She's an indie author working on a magical girl book series and is also working as the Fandom Editor over at The Mary Sue. After de-transforming from her magical girl state, she indulges in an ever-growing pile of manga, marathons too much anime, and dedicates an embarrassing amount of time to her Animal Crossing pumpkin patch (it's Halloween forever, deal with it Nook).



Bruno De La Cruz


Bruno De La Cruz has been a journalist since 2015 for the pioneer magazine AnimeLand (founded in 1991) and its website. He had the opportunity to present anime WIPs to lead conferences and masterclasses about Hideaki Anno, Attack on Titan, and sports in anime and manga. Their mission is "to put forward artists, and give reliable information to our readers, always with passion."



Caitlin Moore


Caitlin Moore has been an anime fan since it cost $30 for a two-episode VHS tape. She has been writing about anime every chance she’s gotten since high school, and now is a staff writer for Anime Feminist and contributes regularly to Anime News Network as well as running panels at conventions and podcasting every chance she gets. She analyzes anime through a progressive, intersectional lens and has a deep love of shojo and josei manga and anime.



Cheyenne Ewulu


Cheyenne Ewulu, also known as "CheyenneTheGeek" is a funny actress/host/entertainer with an expertise in all things geek culture. She has been featured as on-screen talent for a variety of big names including Nerdist, HBO, FUNimation, Viz Media, Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter and many more. 



Christoph Alge


Christoph is a geek to the core—you can talk to him about any topic, from games (online and offline) to events and anime. He discovered his passion for these topics over 20 years ago and looks back on personal highlights from days gone by such as Dragon Ball Z and newcomers such as One-Punch Man, Goblin Slayer, or JUJUTSU KAISEN. He meticulously combs through every anime season and searches for intriguing season highlights, and he actively watches 5-10 titles every season.



Dawn H.


Dawn is the producer/editor/host of The Anime Nostalgia Podcast, a mix of waxing nostalgic with fellow older fans while introducing younger fans to older titles! The podcast also serves as an oral history from before things like streaming & social media were commonplace, and how anime & manga fandom has always been diverse. She's used her knowledge to write for outlets like Anime News Network, Anime Herald, Crunchyroll, & has helped on multiple anime releases from AnimEigo & Discotek Media.



Denis Vsesvyatskyi

Denis Vsesvyatskyi is the General Director of TV Channel 2×2, the only Russian FTA channel that broadcasts adult animation



Diego Lima


A writer for Omelete since May 2021, Diego has always dreamed of a place where he could talk about anime, ever since his own home page back in college days (oh so nostalgic). He grew watching the stories that changed the lives of so many Brazilians, such as DBZ, Saint Seiya, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Pokémon and Yu Yu Hakusho. Today, he cries rivers with Violet Evergarden, shouts in excitement with every Levi scene on Attack on Titan, reflects for days about Evangelion, gets sad when he remembers that Hunter x Hunter still hasn't ended, and simply can't stand a whole year away from Cowboy Bebop.



Dmitry Elagin


Film critic, editor of the cinema department of the site "Vash dosug", author at Afisha and, lecturer of the educational program "Znaniya. VDNKh".



Domenic Wassiljew (aka Dimbula)


Dimbula gets a lot done in a single week as editorial director and podcaster for the online magazine and as a part of the volunteer organising team of the anime convention Connichi if he’s not immersed in LUPIN III or NieR. He has been part of the German fan scene since 2012 and overemphasises the importance of music in anime and, due to his work, finds everything regarding the production circumstances exciting—thirty-nine per cent of his watched anime are films. 



Elsa López


Elsa López has a degree in philosophy and a master's degree in social philosophy. She has loved pop culture since her youth, and, because of this, she has dedicated most of her professional life to entertainment journalism in several media. She's currently working in a public relations firm, as well as working as a content creator and cofounder alongside Abigail Camarillo of Sugoi Cast, a podcast about anime.



Erika Rodriguez Venegas

Erika Rodriguez Venegas is the manager of Konnichiwa Festival, LoveJapan Entertainment, and Tadaima.



Evgeniya "Zhenya" Davidyuk


Zhenya Davidyuk was born, raised and graduated from a university in Novosibirsk. Since 2005, she has been living and working in Tokyo. She dubs anime, hosts radio and TV programs, and also consults on the Russian language in anime and films. She has a Level 1 Norku Shiken certificate. She produces discs with songs in Japanese, English, and native languages.



Fábio Garcia


Fábio has written professionally about anime and manga for 15 years for magazines such as AnimeDo, Neo Tokyo and websites such as UOL and Omelete. He is also the creator of the infamous blog Mais de Oito Mil.



Gerald Rathkolb


Gerald has been a part of the anime game for, well longer than he knew it was anime, but he counts 1989 as the beginning since that's around when he subtly realized that Akira wasn't Disney. He's a writer for Otaku USA, Anime News Network, and is 1/3 of the hosts of the Anime World Order podcast, the longest-running anime-only podcast out there. He's been doing many panels on the East Coast (and elsewhere if he gets invited). He's also a huge fan of giant robots, plamo and Gunpla, JRPGs, and all types of anime, old, new and most you've never heard of.



Guto Barbosa


Host of the Cronosfera channel on YouTube, Guto talks about the most diverse types of anime, always bringing information and entertainment in a light and fun way.



Helder Archer


Founder of OtakuPT, Portugal's biggest anime website since 2007, Helder has written over 40,000 articles about anime, manga, and videogames.






Ironmouse is a female Puerto Rican Virtual YouTuber and Streamer who has been streaming since August 2017. She is known for her singing, her crazy personality, and her high-pitched voice. While originally an independent streamer, she is now part of the agency VShojo. She currently has over 700K followers on twitch, runs her very own talk show, "Speak of the Devil," and loves to raise money for initiatives she truly cares about like raising over 100K for the Immune Deficiency Foundation!



James Perkins


James Perkins is the Lead Anime Writer for the UK-based publication STARBURST MAGAZINE. He has also been a freelance journalist for sites such as HeyUGuys, The Digital Fix and CBR. James lives and breathes anime and his favourite show of all time is Death Note. As well as being a journalist, James is also a filmmaker in his own right having written, directed and producer several shorts in the last 18 months.



Jazmine Moore


Jazmine is a non-binary content creator, illustrator, streamer and aspiring voice over artist. They have spoken with various news outlets such as Vice, The Washington Post, and Mashable. In 2019-2021, they were an Anime Video Influencer on TikTok. Now they continue to make content whether it's through art, videos, or streaming to entertain those who enjoy anime as much as them. 



Jolina Bering


Jolina may be a full-time psychologist, but together with her buddy Viet (@Pixelviet), they plough through everything the anime landscape has to offer in their podcast Nani?! (@NaniAnimeTalk) Jolina doesn’t stop at lewd content and often embarrasses Viet by doing so.



Julio Velez


Julio Velez is a film, TV, anime and video game critic. Specialized in anime, video games and japanese pop culture since 2003, he's been involved in media such as Atomix, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Eres Niños, Cine PREMIERE, and Spoiler Time. He was editor-in-chief of the OTAKU and Otaku Shi magazines, and currently hosts the Final Boss and Okina Kokorotaku podcasts, available on 18 podcast platforms.



Kaho Shibuya


Kaho Shibuya is a cosplayer, author, Twitch streamer, and social media Influencer.


Born and Raised in Tokyo Japan, Kaho has been making waves on talk show and convention scene with her love towards manga and anime. She has hosted her own radio show, writes columns for multiple publications, and is an accomplished author. Her first Japanese-only book, “Everything Girls Should Know About The JAV Industry” is being translated, repurposed, and will soon be published for her English speaking audience. She’s even working on her second book in print, soon to be released in Japan!"



Kambole Campbell


Kambole is a British-African freelance film and television critic, based in the UK. You can find his writing about animation (and more!) over at CartoonBrew, Thrillist, and Polygon, as well as the film magazines Empire, Little White Lies, Sight & Sound, and others.  



Kate Sanchez


Kate is the co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of But Why Tho? A Geek Community, a space for marginalized identities to discuss pop culture. She's also pop culture critic, a Rotten Tomatoes Approved film & TV critic, and focuses on covering anime and manga both at But Why Tho? and freelance. 



Kevin Kasparek


Kevin Kasparek has been running the YouTube channel "Kevkowich" since 2017. Among other things, he publishes reviews of anime and manga, such as Attack on Titan and One Piece. He also talks about currently running anime on my channel if they appeal to him. Recurring and general topics about anime find their way onto his channel time and time again.


"I have been a passionate anime fan since early childhood and thus for more than 20 years—I have never lost my love for this medium for even a second. That’s why I’m all the more honoured to be able to be part of the Crunchyroll Anime Awards as a judge."



Kwok-Wai Hanson


Kwok-Wai is a writer, host, and consultant within the anime industry. His main focus centers on data aggregation and community polls amongst seasonal anime series. 



Lauren Orsini


Lauren has written about anime and fandom for outlets including Anime News Network and the Washington Post.





Léonard FONTINE is an internet content creator and wannabe comic book artist, streamer in his spare time, and above all he is here for the fun.



Łukasz Kaczmarek


You don't know him, but you know his work. Łukasz Kaczmarek, also known as lukeatlook, is the person responsible for Internet's most viral anime recommendation charts of the last decade, put together basing on years of experience with introducing his friends, students and family into the world of anime. Sysadmin by trade, he's a vocal member of the anime community both on the Internet and the local Polish fandom, where he manages the English programme at the biggest fan convention in Europe, Pyrkon, attended annually by over 40 000 unique guests from Poland and all of Europe.


Lynzee Loveridge


As Executive Editor of Anime News Network, Lynzee Loveridge has the unique position of knowing what's tracking with the critics and with viewers in the anime fandom. She not only writes her own reviews every season but also reads everything from ANN's editorial staff! Outside of work, she's just a magical girl living in a Junji Ito world.



Márcio Jangarélli


Anime master at major Brazilian news outlet Legião dos Herois. Journalist, communication and planning expert.



Marco Abreu


Host of the IntoxiAnime channel on YouTube. A workaholic, most known for getting people depressed with the phrase "chances are low". Addicted to anime and long-haired waifus, tech enthusiast and a big proponent that cryptocurrency is the future.



Mario Giglio


Mario is responsible for the anime department at, and he is the host of the Evangelion Podcast Track 26.



Matheus Bianezzi


Writer at IGN Brazil and one of the owners of major Brazilian anime podcast Animes Overdrive. A lover of TV and cinema, Matheus cried with Avengers Endgame and will never forget the sensation of watching Avatar: The Legend of Aang for the first time. Holds shows such as Cowboy Bebop, Naruto and Fruits Basket very dearly and is patiently waiting for five long years for Ice Adolescence.



Mauricio Cárdenas


Mathematician by profession, geek at heart, cultural manager of geek culture in Colombia, collaborator of the Salón del Ocio y la Fantasía (SOFA) since its creation.



Michael Sudakov


Creator and editor-in-chief of KG-Portal, a cult site about cinema (and more). One of the founders of the "Anime in Russia". He has been watching anime for over 20 years, and he is an ardent admirer of the works of Makoto Shinkai, Hayao Miyazaki and PA Works. He collects retro games, retro computers, and retro consoles.



Mike Mamon


Mike Mamon is a Syndication and Digital Specialist at IGN. In addition to managing video channels, he's been helping IGN cover anime over the years. He also co-hosted IGN's only anime podcast for a few years as well. Yay anime!



Miki Koch


I’m a podcaster and host who has been running the AnimeSlam podcast since 2014, in which I discuss various anime and manga with guests. Since early 2021 I’m also part of the Rolling Sushi Anime News podcast to discuss the latest news from the anime world every week with my colleague. I’m into cute and wholesome anime and usually read far too much into them. 



Mugi D Adem


Hi I'm Adem, but you probably know me as Adem_up on TikTok and Instagram. I like to mix anime/manga and humor. This is my first time as a judge and I hope to live up to it. According to me it's easier to get an idea of the person by knowing his favorite characters I'm Jiraya from Naruto and Gojo Satoru from JUJUTSU KAISEN.





Nezu is a cosplayer, anime enthusiast, and the literal daughter of Madara Uchiha. She has been a part of the anime community for a while and has enjoyed it every single step of the way. She has been cosplaying since February 2019 and yet there are still an unlimited amount of characters she is looking forward to embodying.



Pri Ganiko


Pri Ganiko is content editor at NerdBunker, the pop culture news website of the Jovem Nerd group, and also hosts Lá do Bunker, their podcast about the geek world. Loves anime, k-pop and videogames, loves stories with great character development, heartful and inspiring soundtracks, impacting action sequences and a good redemption arc.





Raafey produces content regarding anime and manga on YouTube: recaps of series mixed with humorous jokes and other videos related to anime and manga.



Rafael Brito


Better known as "Jiback", Rafael is the general manager of premium Brazilian anime news outlet JBox, where he also worked as editor-in-chief for 7 years. Always hopeful that Crunchyroll will release a remastered edition of Bucky: The Incredible Kid.



Rafael Motamayor


Rafael Motamayor is a critic and reporter based in Norway, writing and speaking on animation as well as other film and TV for Collider, IGN, Vulture, IndieWire, Thrillist, Polygon, and others. He is also a Weekend News Editor for Collider. He thinks the original Fullmetal Alchemist is better than the remake, and that there simply isn't enough time for the number of great anime shows out there.



Ryo Koarai


Ryo Koarai is an anime watcher and columnist at Kawadon-entertainment in Japanese talent agency, Miki-production. She watches over 100 anime titles aired and distributed in Japan every week since 2012, thus watches anime more than anyone else in Japan today. She writes anime-related columns on Yahoo! News Japan and is often invited to national TV news programs as a guest commentator. Additionally, she studies anime from an academic perspective as a Ph.D. candidate at Hokkaido University.



Samina König


Selphy is a voice actress, singer and VTuber from Germany who is best known for her German interpretation of various anime songs. She has a solid and devoted fan base.



Sebastian Lenßen 


I'm Sep from PietSmiet—one of the biggest gaming YouTube channels in Germany. I've been a fan of anime since childhood and grew up with Son-Goku.



Semyon Kostin


A journalist at DTF, the russian-language gaming and geek media outlet.



Sloan The Otaku


Sloan The Otaku has been a YouTuber since she was 13 years old and can’t seem to stop watching anime. The East Coast knows her as “the girl who films” since she’s always filming cosplayers at conventions for an epic cosplay music video.



Sofía Pichihua


Sofía Pichihua is a Peruvian journalist and director of Otaku Press, which features interviews, features and news about anime, manga, video games, and Asian culture. Between 2016 and 2019 she earned a Guinness Record for the largest collection of Cardcaptor Sakura items, a popular Japanese anime. She do research on Japanese culture and participate as a hostess or interviewer in events related to anime and manga.



Sören Magerkort 


Shinuslaw is a self-proclaimed Anime sh*t talker working on different projects in the industry for more than ten years. He is currently known as podcaster and reviewer for and for organizing the "Connichi-Couch", the live-streaming program at Germany's Connichi convention. He likes to obsess about March Comes in Like a Lion, Space Brothers, and almost every sports anime on Twitter. Shinuslaw recently started to stream live-tastings of weird Japanese snacks and beverages on Twitch.



Sydney AKA Morallygreyismyfavcolor


Anime tiktoker that frequently posts about anime, fanfiction, and cosplay!



Tadashi Sudo


Tadashi Sudo is a journalist in the field of animation industry. After working in a securities firm, he launched web magazine Anime!Anime! in 2004, served as editor-in-chief. In 2016 he left Anime! Anime! and worked independently. His major writing works include "Who makes the future of Anime Business?" and also he is the co-author of "Animation Industry Report".



Tatiana Mafort


Content creator and podcaster at Anime Crazies, Brazil's biggest anime podcast, as well as Otaminas, a popular podcast hosted only by women. A passionate anime fan since childhood, Tatiana has worked with anime product licensing and product development, organized anime events alongside the Japan Embassy and hosted local anime awards celebrations.



Theo J Ellis


Theo J Ellis is from South Manchester, Levenshulme, and is the founder of Anime Motivation. The trendsetter of anime quotes and the biggest anime website in the UK. Code Geass is one of Theo's Top 5 anime of all time, with Your Name being the opposite.



Thomas Llewellyn



As a writer for HITC Entertainment, Thomas has been covering anime news and content for a number of years and during that time, has enjoyed countless debates about the themes, nuances and 'It-Factor' of various series with fans from all corners of the world.


"It's an honour to be part of the judging team for this years Crunchyroll Awards, which is going to be the biggest and most competitive awards to date!"





Italian Youtuber and Streamer who love to talk about anime and manga and entertain his audience. 



Tristan Gallant


Tristan "Arkada" Gallant is a Canadian YouTuber known for reviewing Japanese animation with his series Glass Reflection since early 2009, gaining a following of over 500K subscribers. With a variety of red outfits and overly enthusiastic expressions, he has displayed his passion for anime since his start. He has covered a variety of series like Mob Psycho 100, Attack on Titan, and Shirobako—as well as related topics such as anime legality and industry support.



Valentin Paquot


Journalist specialized in manga and animation.


"I feel like we are in blessed times. Between the many revivals and remake of old shows, my younger self is "binky satiated", and if we add the wonderful and surprising new shows… When i'm neither reading manga or watching anime I write for Animascope Magazine for L'Internaute website."



Valeriy Ulyanov


Valera Moonlighter has been an anime Youtuber for 4 years. He is an art student, he does not approve videos shorter than half an hour and he is secretly in love with Kaguya-sama.



Viet Nguyen


Hi, my name is Viet. I'm an editor, host and streamer for Rocket Beans TV and my personal channel. Together with Jolina, I operate the Nani?! podcast. We release a new episode every month talking about new and old anime we have seen.



Vyacheslav Kozlov


Ancord is a Russian voice-over and dubbing actor, dubbing director, sound director, producer, TV host, Youtuber. He has been popularizing and localizing anime for over 15 years. Known for his bright and memorable voice, presentation and humor.

Source: Crunchyroll


“If you’re not remembered, then you never existed.”

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