Cygames Releases 10th Anniversary Corporate Video Follow Your Fantasy On YouTube


Japanese mobile game developer Cygames has released its corporate video to celebrate its 10th anniversary as a business titled "Follow Your Fantasy", which features a lot of heavy-hitting Japanese animation industry talent handling the visuals, which bring together all of the developers properties into an epic sizzle reel. To top it off, English and Japanese language versions of the song of the same name are also featured, with May'n doing vocals for the Japanese version, and American vocalist Florence McNair singing the English version, which is now available across digital streaming platforms such as Apple Music.





  • Director: Ken Yamamoto
  • Animation Director: Jun Yamazaki
  • Color Coordinator: Yuko Kobari
  • Art: Dehogallery
  • 3DCG: CygamesPictures
  • Compositing: MADBOX
  • Production: CygamesPictures




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Source: Crunchyroll


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