D4DJ's Merm4id Gets Magical Makeover in Tropical-Rouge! Precure Collab

D4DJ Groovy Mix x Tropical-Rouge! Precure


Mobile game D4DJ Groovy Mix is known for its anime collaborations, from cover songs to full-on story arcs. Starting today on the game's Japanese servers, players can enjoy the latter: a magical new story pairing up the summery Tropical-Rouge! Precure with the beachy DJ group Merm4id.


"Viva! Tropical-Rouge Groove!" brings Cure Summer, Cure Coral, Cure Papaya, Cure Flamingo, and Cure La Mer to the world of the game. Solo DJ Michiru Kaibara (CV Kotori Koiwai) will be joining the DJs of Merm4id for an origianl story:


D4DJ x PreCure story

D4DJ x PreCure story


There's also newly-drawn art with the D4DJ girls all Precure'd out for the occasion. Pre-upgrade they're in plainclothes; post-upgrade you get to see them fully decked out. The art will appear on cards available via gacha and event completion:



The second Tropical-Rouge! ending theme, "Aiming to Go My Way!!," has been added to the game in honor of the collaboration. Opening theme "Viva! Spark! Tropical-Rouge! Precure" is already in the game's catalogue. If you play the two songs together, you can see a cute performance beforehand:



The event runs January 26-Feburary 1 on Japanese servers. There is no word yet on if, or when, this collab will make it to global servers.


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