Famed Music Producer Steve Aoki Gets His Own Q posket Figure From Bandai Spirits


Famed music producer and DJ Steve Aoki is no stranger to otaku culture, being a self-professed fan of anime in general with previous merch collaborations involving Attack on Titan, Bleach and Dragon Ball Z. It should come as no surprise that he would receive his own figure at some point and Bandai Spirits was all too happy to oblige with the Steve Aoki Q posket figure. Aoki goes on in his own words below:


“I’ve been a big Bandai fan and collector my whole life. I’m very honored to be a part of the new Q posket collection and love how the figure is doing my signature Aoki Jump.” 


The figure, which can be seen doing his signature jump made famous during his live performances, will be available for pre-order beginning on January 28th, 2022 via major retailers and online via the Dim Mak Collection online store.


SOURCES: Press Release, Q Posket Twitter


Source: Crunchyroll


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