Fancy Cowboy Bebop Blend Mashes up Six Sakes

Cowboy Bebop sake


The crew of the Bebop is colorful, eclectic, and weird in all the right ways — so a drink that celebrates them would have to be just as varied.


Akihabara Premium has rolled out a fancy blended whiskey from Nagahama Distillery, Japan's smallest distillery. The blend consists of six whiskeys, each representing the Bebop and all who sail in her.


Cowboy Bebop whiskey bottle


The blend starts with a 30-year-aged whiskey, for the reliable old Bebop. Representing Spike Spiegel is a peaty whiskey with smoky tones and a "dangerous charm." For Jet Black, a medium long-aged Highland malt for that calm maturity. Faye Valentine gets a fruity white wine cask aged spirit, for her mystery and femininity. Radical Ed's whiskey is red cask aged, for bright notes. Ein is in there, too — represented by a complex and likable malt aged in a little octave cask.


Cowboy Bebop rocks glass set


The whiskey will be available on its own, or in a collector's set with a fancy rocks glass. The glasses are made by traditional glass blowers at Tokyo's Tajima Glass.


The whiskey — alone or in its limited-edition set — will be available for pre-order starting November 30. A bottle alone will cost 27,500 yen, and a bottle with the glass in its collectible box will cost 41,800 yen. Orders will be delivered starting in December.


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