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Fans Can Vote on The Situation They Want to See in Voice Actress Ayaka Ohashi's Debut 10th Anniversary Book



The official Twitter for popular anime voice actress Ayaka Ohashi has announced that her debut's 10th anniversary memorial book has been in the works. She made her voice actress debut in Amagami SS Plus in 2012, and is best known as the voice of Ran Shibuki in Aikatsu!, Uzuki Shimamura in The [email protected] Cinderella Girls, and Saaya Yamabuki in BanG Dream! (and the drummer of the VA band for the show, Poppin'Party).


In a video message posted on Twitter, she says, "We are currently in the process of discussing it. While I am happy just to be celebrating my 10th anniversary, but I can't believe that even a memorial book will also be published. It will be a book that makes fans happy, looking back on the progress of my voice acting career until today."





Now, fans can vote on the situation they want to see in the book on Twitter for one week from March 9 to 15. The results of the voting will be used as reference in the production of the book.


The candidates for the situation are:


  • High school girl in uniform
  • Idol that shines on stage
  • Cool rider on a motorcycle
  • Survival game girl manipulating weapons
  • Band girl who loves rock music
  • Brilliant female spy with glasses
  • Fairy in a fantasy world
  • Others


As of this of writing, 4,758 votes have been cast, and the most popular situation is "High school girl in uniform."





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Source: Ayaka Ohashi official Twitter 


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