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FEATURE: 5 Video Games For Fans Of Magical Girl Anime Series


There is a certain kind of joy that emanates from magical girl anime. It reminds me of drinking a bubbly or seeing a baby play with a puppy. Magical girl anime series are filled with vibrant worlds, animal sidekicks, costume changes, and a protagonist you want to protect. Oh, and the magic!


Pretty Cure

Anime often provides an escape into worlds we can only dream of, but the unfortunate thing about dreams is that they end. You can never really dream the same dream twice unless that’s your magical girl power. That’s where video games come in! Video games allow us to have an interactive experience in magical worlds with ourselves and sometimes with others.

Many video games have elements that are similar to your favorite anime. Some are lucky enough to have a game based on the anime. We will be focusing on five video games that are perfect for fans of magical girl anime series! 

Final Fantasy X-2  

rikka, yuna, paine, Final Fantasy

Image via Square Enix


Final Fantasy X-2 has all the makings of a great magical girl anime. We have three friends on a quest for treasure. The treasure can show glimpses of memory but whose memory is the mystery. Yuna, Paine, and Rikku travel to different locations, searching for the treasure while dealing with pesky villains with fashionably questionable hair. 

The game opens with a musical number worthy of a Super Bowl performance. X-2 has outfit changes, a love story that crosses time and space, and a combat system that is easy to master. Yuna is also a high priestess who is princess-adjacent. Final Fantasy X-2 couldn’t get more magical if it wanted to. 

Princess Princess Debut

Image via Natsume


Princess Princess Debut has all the necessary ingredients for your typical magical anime series. A young princess attends a new school. It so happens that this school has a royal ball and she will need a date for that ball. She’s in luck because, in this reverse-harem, she has a cornucopia to choose from, including a white rabbit. He’s a prince. 


Princess Princess Debut combines a dating simulator and a dancing game. Depending on the prince you select will give you a different outcome. You’ll also dance to classical music and wear beautiful gowns as you find confidence, love, and a bit of magic.

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts

Image via Kingdom Hearts


The Kingdom Hearts franchise follows a boy named Sora who lived on a tiny island … that later got an expansion. Sora dreamed of many worlds beyond the island and beyond the stars. One night he got his wish, but it sent him and his friends on different paths. One through the light, one through the darkness, and one in the world between. 

Kingdom Hearts is an amalgamation of the beauty of Square Enix and the majesty of the world of Disney and Pixar. This whimsical combination created a gaming experience that has never been replicated. Sora finds himself with talking animal sidekicks, a magical item, costume changes, a friend turned rival, and the realization that his heart is the most potent weapon at all. If that isn’t a magical girl plot, I don’t know what is! 

 Disney Magical World

Image via Nintendo

While Kingdom Hearts is a lot of fun, it’s not the safest world. There are enemies everywhere, and the fate of worlds is often in jeopardy. That’s where Disney Magical World comes in to give you all of the Disney magic without danger! This game is similar to Animal Crossing — you are new to the Magical World of Disney and get to live with some of Disney’s most iconic characters and make a life for yourself there. You can start a restaurant, a hotel, work as dancer, design clothes, and more. You also get to travel to other Disney worlds like Alice in Wonderland, Frozen, Cinderella, and beyond. If you are a fan of the Kilala Princess Manga and wish it had an anime, this game might be the closest thing. 

Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of Mysterious Dreams



The previous recommendations were games that feel like they could be adapted into a magical girl anime. This game is actually about magical girls. The JRPG features six playable magical girls, each endowed with a particular set of skills. The main character is the alchemist Sophie. Sophie must find a way to turn her friend Plachta, who is stuck in the body of a doll, back into a human.


Atelier Sophie 2 is your standard turn-based RPG, but with all the glamor you would expect from a magical girl anime series. Also, what is a magical girl serious without gravity-defying colorful hair? Atelier Sophie 2 has that in spades!

These are just five video games that will let you live out your magical girl anime dreams! Are any of these your favorites? Which games would you recommend? Let us know in the comments and online.


And, remember, when in doubt, there is an anime for that. 


Source: Crunchyroll


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