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FEATURE: 7 Anime Alien Characters Who Would Totally Ruin Your Day

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The truth is out there, and March 20th marks the rather specific holiday known as Alien Abduction Day (or Extraterrestrial Abduction Day in some circles). Kidnapping is a crime, but true believers in visitors from strange and unknown planets prefer to celebrate by consuming alien-themed media — so this Alien Abduction Day we're dialing down the interplanetary aggression with a look at a list of alien characters in anime that may not hit you with a tractor beam and take you on a jaunt across the solar system in their flying saucers, but who would still give you a hard time in the case of a close encounter of whatever kind …


Migi (Parasyte -the maxim-)


Migi, a parasitic alien monster, has absorbed and completely transformed Shinichi's right hand in a scene from the Parasyte -the maxim- TV anime.


Leading off the list, Migi belongs to a species of alien invaders that aren't interested in kidnapping humans, but they'd still wreck your weekend plans because their modus operandi is to burrow into the human body, absorb the brain, and transform people into horrifying, flesh-warping monsters that cannibalize their family, friends, and neighbors.


After accidentally implanting in Shinichi's right hand instead of his head, Migi's motives remain an enigma. Cold and calculating, Migi lacks empathy and operates entirely on instinct, concerned solely with self-preservation regardless of the feelings of their host. Sharing a home with an extraterrestrial would be trying enough. Can you imagine sharing a body with one?


Prince Hata (Gintama)




Imagine Edo era Japan conquered and colonized by a vastly technologically superior force. Now imagine one of the alien interlopers has all of the manners of a spoiled human child and the ability to indulge his every inane whim while protected by blanket diplomatic immunity. Also, he's got an extremely whiny and annoying voice. That's Prince Hata in a nutshell. All-in-all, this Amato alien is more nuisance than antagonist, but spending even five minutes with this guy is enough to make Gintoki and company want to book the first shuttle off of this godforsaken rock.


Captain Napolipolita And Agent D (Project: A-ko)


Captain Napolipolita freaks out as Agent D fires her pistol recklessly on the bridge of their starship in a scene from the Project A-ko theatrical anime film.

(Image via RetroCrush)


Unlike some inclusions on this list, Captain Napolipolita and her trusty subordinate, Agent D, would actually abduct you, but only if you're the missing heir to their all-female intergalactic empire. Despite their mission to “rescue” their princess, neither of them is particularly good at their job. Captain Napolipolita has a debilitating dependency on alcohol that impairs her ability to solve problems in a civilized way (when she's intoxicated she tends to shoot first and ask questions later), and Agent D – bless her heart – just isn't very bright. Giving these two access to hyper-advanced alien technology is like handing a monkey a shotgun.


In later installments in the Project: A-ko series, Captain Napolipolita and Agent D manage to integrate into the Earthling community after being stranded on the third rock from the sun. They even attempt to transform their crashed spaceship into a hot-springs resort, with comically disastrous results. I respect the hustle.


Keroro (Sgt. Frog)


Keroro introduces Fuyuki to a dangerous piece of alien technology in a scene from the Sgt. Frog TV anime.


If Keroro, the leader of an invading platoon of frog-like aliens from the planet Keron, ever got his act together, Earth would be doomed. As it stands, Keroro has lost all motivation since being assigned to conquer humanity's home planet, and so he spends most of his time building Mobile Suit Gundam model kits, watching anime, reading manga, and otherwise loafing about, much to the consternation of his subordinates. Otaku-dom comes with its own set of social stigmas, but can you imagine how much worse it could be when your passion for Japanese pop culture is literally “out of this world?”


Mikitaka Hazekura (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable)


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


Whether he's actually an extraterrestrial as he claims or merely a weird high school kid with inexplicable shape-shifting superpowers, no good can come from interacting with Mikitaka Hazekura from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. It's not a matter of his personality. Mikitaka is actually quite polite and eager-to-please, but he's got no common sense and doesn't know when to call it quits when his human friends (such as Josuke and Okuyasu) trick him into using his transformation abilities to scam other people. It's all fun and games until Stand user/manga author Rohan Kishibe severs his own finger in an effort to prove you're cheating at dice …


Meow (Space Dandy)


Meow, Dandy, and the waitresses at Boobies take a selfie on Meow's phone in a scene from the Space Dandy TV anime.

(Image via Funimation)


Suppose for a moment, dear readers, that you are a dandy person in space — a Space Dandy, if you will. Now suppose that you've somehow run afoul of the Gogol Empire and you are being chased across the universe by this evil organization that seeks to pry the secrets of warp travel out of your impeccably coiffed head. And yet somehow, wherever you go, no matter how many times you jump across dimensions, Dr. Gel and the lackeys of Gogol are right there behind you …


Now suppose you've got a freeloading, deadbeat cat-weasel lookin' alien roommate named Meow who has been taking selfies and posting them to social media the entire time, giving your position away to Gogol through sheer bone-headed obliviousness. That's why Meow makes the list. He may not abduct you himself, but his constant clout-chasing online could lead to you getting kidnapped by space-apes.


Lum Invader (Urusei Yatsura)


Lum Invader turns toward the camera with a guileless look upon her face in a scene from the upcoming Urusei Yatsura TV anime.

(Image via Noitamina)


If you've never read Viz's omnibus manga release or seen the anime adaptation, you may wonder why a character so clearly beloved as Lum would end up on this list. Be warned, gentle reader. Despite her cute appearance in her trade-marked tiger skin bikini, any entanglement with Lum Invader from the Planet Oni is going to result in your day being ruined.


Lum is an alien princess with a hair-trigger temper and a tendency to lash out with self-generated electric shocks whenever she doesn't get her way. Even if you're not Ataru Moroboshi, Lum's self-proclaimed human fiance, you're likely to be caught in the cross-fire when the zapping begins. Extraterrestrial weirdness follows in Lum's wake, and her oddball alien friends and high-maintenance family members always show up at the worst possible times. Finally, Lum loves to cook, but her planet's cuisine is spicy beyond description and not safe for human consumption. Court her attention at your own risk.


And there you have it, space cadets, a list of aliens whose arrival predicts that a bad time will be had by all. Anime has no shortage of out-of-this-world visitors and extra-planetary interlopers. Some are friendly while others possess malign intentions, and we couldn't hope to chronicle them all. What other anime alien characters make you want to beam the heck out of here? Let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to have a safe (and hopefully uneventful) Alien Abduction Day!


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