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FEATURE: Can You Even Lift My Hero Academia's Cementoss, Tho?


It’s March 22nd and you know what that means? It’s one of our favorite pro hero’s birthdays, Cementoss (Ken Ishiyama) of My Hero Academia! In honor of this special occasion, we wanted to ask ourselves the question: Could we even lift Cementoss? Would it be humanly possible to lift someone made completely out of cement?


My Hero Academia, Cementoss

At his core, Cementoss is a humanoid block of cement, his quirk consists of being able to manipulate it with no known time limit. He clocks in at 6’1”, now if we calculate the weight of the average male at that height, that would put the range at 130-197 pounds. Cementoss has a known blood type, which means that he does have human organs. So to calculate his weight, we need to consider the average weight of each human system followed by the percentage of his body that is made of cement. We’ll be calculating the cement in its dry state, as he doesn’t roam the earth as a pile of mush.

Through my extensive research, I have found that this question leads to several concerning Google searches, but let’s begin! Let’s start with the basics, since Cementoss is a humanoid, he possesses 10 out of the 12 systems in the human body — excluding the integumentary (skin, hair, and nails) and the muscular systems as these appear to be replaced with cement.


My Hero Academia, Cementoss


Beginning with the skeletal system — which averages around 21 pounds — we can then add the weight of the brain that averages at 2.5 pounds. We won’t be including the entire nervous system as actual neurons are almost impossible to calculate an estimated weight. Continuing with the weight of major organs, lungs are about 1.8 pounds, followed by a 3.5 pound liver, .5 pounds kidneys, .3 pounds of spleen, 4 pounds for the large intestine, and 3.5 pounds for the small. At its largest, the human heart weighs 1 pound and of course, we can’t forget that blood, water, and the lymph system add an additional 100 pounds. So if we add up the weight in total, Cementoss’ human organs would weigh approximately 134.1 pounds. Now for the hard part — get it! Hard, cement, ha.

Let’s say that Cementoss’ muscular system and integumentary system are the combined components of the cement. Our next measurements would include the thickness of both muscle and skin of the average male adult, with the bone being the basis for its starting point. We can go from the average thickness of one inch, not selecting specific muscles and points, as his build is pretty consistent.  With rough calculations and several conversions (like ounces to pounds) and the addition of his weight in human organs, Cementoss’ weight comes out to be about 500 pounds.


My Hero Academia, Cementoss, Present Mic, Midnight

I know what you’re all thinking, that’s actually not that much weight. Believe me, I was surprised as well. So, could you even lift? Short answer, yes, this is a liftable amount of weight. But you’d have to be a consistent weightlifter to be able to lift 500 pounds. This would be an easy lift for the common world-record weightlifting champions, as they could lift in the thousands in their specific technique. Yet, the average person who doesn’t have bulking in their regime could not lift — I would not recommend it, there would be no way of doing this safely and you’d probably break all the bones in your body.

But, if you were someone who wanted to reach their bulking goals and add a little anime flair to your cred, you could work hard enough to say, “I could bench Cementoss, no problem.”



Chelsea is a Los Angeles-based writer and prop designer. She definitely talks a lot about anime, food, and sports (specifically weightlifting and golf). She is also a handy-dandy cosplayer who builds, sews, and hot glue guns her way to glory.


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