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FEATURE: The Real Price Of Being The Millionaire Detective

The Millionaire Detective - Balance: UNLIMITED


This article written by Liam Dempsey was originally published on the Funimation Blog on August 25, 2020


In the world of The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED, crime doesn’t pay — Daisuke Kambe does. Need a quick distraction? Hire an idol group. Need to shoot a roof with a military helicopter? Buy the whole building.


In short, he’s Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark rolled into one, only with an infinite pocket of cash. But just how much dough is Daisuke shelling out in all directions, and how far will he go? Allow me to quantify.



One of the best things about The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED is how unpredictable Daisuke’s antics are.


By the finale or even the next episode, I may have to add another slot to the counter if he suddenly decides to build a fully armed and operational battle station.



If you frequent social media platforms, you might’ve seen infographics and videos attempting to visualize the scale of a billion dollars, which Daisuke has quadrupled in just ten short episodes.


Equipped with the amount displayed above, here’s what Daisuke could be doing instead of daring detective work.


(All metrics are measured in USD with the current conversion rate)



Going by the United Nations’ more comprehensive list of Gross Domestic Product by country, Daisuke puts himself above 35 nations (excluding protectorates): Suriname, Andorra, Djibouti, Bhutan, Lesotho, Timor-Leste, Liberia, Somalia, and many more!



A U.S. $1 bill is just 0.0043 inches thick, but when you’ve got several billion of them, it adds up. As of Episode 10, standing on a single stack would take Daisuke past the International Space Station!



Though not exactly his actual wealth, Amazon and subsequently the richest man in the world are the closest there is to an “unlimited balance.”


So if Bezos wanted to star in his own Amazon Original series, he could easily keep up with Daisuke’s spending thus far.



The figurine to end all figurines is available to purchase on RightStuf for just $39,999.99.


With a hypothetical unlimited supply, the Remocratic Republic of the Kambe would be larger than many Pacific Island nations, including Cook Islands and Palau.



Daisuke can buy a whole skyscraper and still not scrape the annual revenue of the seventh highest-grossing mobile app of all time, which has pulled in over a billion dollars annually … two years running.


Yet, by an amusing twist of fate, it was an ad spending spree in Episode 9 that did the trick.



What would you do with a net worth like Daisuke Kambe's? Let us know in the comments!



Der shy man behind @Shymander, Liam is a timezone-fluid Aussie with a distinct fondness for anime, Eurovision and creating odd stats projects despite hating math.


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