FEATURE: To Gammamon, The Cutest Digimon Who Ever Cuted



Digimon partners come in all shapes and sizes. Each of them is fun and loyal, but they’re all so very different. Some are friendly flying bugs while others are hulking two-legged lions. But in all my years of watching Digimon, there has never been a partner quite as fun, unique, compelling, and above all, adorable as you, Gammamon.


In Digimon: Ghost Game, three brand new Digimon are introduced. Gammamon, Angoramon, and Jellymon cooperate with their human partners to solve the mysteries behind Hologram Ghosts and stop mischievous Digimon from wreaking havoc on the human world. While each of them has a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the human world, there’s something so wonderfully cute about your childlike reaction to the world around you, Gammamon.




If a baby could talk, they would say a lot of the same stuff you would. If you eat something spicy, it’s spicy. But you don’t know what spicy is yet, so it tastes scary. And if something tastes good, like the chocolate you enjoy so much, it’s the champion or the best-tasting food among the ones you’ve tasted. It’s this creative understanding of the world around you that makes you seem so new and endlessly adorable. It’s always entertaining to see you learn more and understand how certain things work.


But sometimes, it’s the simple things that matter. Few Digimon in recent years have been quite as cute as you’ve been. From the way the Digimon around you play with you to your cute and curious squeaks, it’s impossible to take our eyes off you. Every week, every new episode, is another opportunity to see how adorable you can be just by being you. And somehow, your cuteness levels are nothing short of inexhaustible. 




Yet within all that cuteness lies awesome power. With three separate forms and evolutions, there’s plenty of potential for power. BetelGammamon is my personal favorite, but Kaus and Wezen are just as exciting to behold. But there’s darkness within all that potential.




If you had any doubt about how much I’m rooting for you, look no further than the tragedy you just underwent. You unleashed a dark side to yourself as GusulGammamon when your friend Bokomon was deleted before your eyes. You displayed violent urges and dangerous bloodlust, but as soon as you came down from your anger, you broke down in tears as you grieved over your friend.


I couldn’t help but cry with you. Like Hiro, I wanted nothing more than to wrap my arms around you and protect you from the horror you both witnessed and incurred. I knew right then and there how much I appreciated you.




As wonderful and cute as you are, things are looking to get a little tougher for you. Dealing with the dark and gritty nature of the world is no easy task, especially as you continue trying to wrap your head around those complex elements. But I’m still wholeheartedly rooting for you, Gammamon. I’m honestly rooting for you harder than I have any other Digimon partner I’ve ever watched. You’re just too pure and sweet and adorable not to. You’re my favorite Digimon in a long time and you’ll never stop being the cutest Digimon who ever cuted.


Who's your favorite partner in Digimon: Ghost Game? What do you think about Gammamon? Comment below with your thoughts!




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