Hololive Debuts Secret Society holoX, the 6th JP Generation of VTubers, Today

Hololive Secret Society holoX


A new generation of Japanese Hololive VTubers is upon us with Hololive revealing the 6th generation of members that will make up “Secret Society holoX.” The group started their Twitter activities today with the “leader” of the group, La+ Darknesss, having her premiere stream tonight with the rest of the members following in the sequential days. A trailer for the group was released alongside a visual featuring all of them.



Hololive Secret Society holoX


The members of Hololive generation 6, “Secret Society holoX”:


La+ Darknesss (debuting November 26 at 9 PM JST)

"Secret Society holoX


Takane Lui (debuting November 27 at 9 PM JST)

"Secret Society holoX


Hakui Koyori (debuting November 28 at 9 PM JST)

"Secret Society holoX


Sakamata Chloe (debuting November 29 at 9 PM JST)

"Secret Society holoX


Kazama Iroha (debuting November 30 at 9 PM JST)

"Secret Society holoX


The group will have their first collaboration stream on the leader’s channel at 10 PM JST on November 30, finally having all of HoloX together at last that “emanates a slightly darker ambience than ever before.”


Which new-gen member do you like at first glance (or first Tweet)? Let us know down in the comments below.


Source: Hololive Press Release


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