Idols Unite Across Time and Space for Macross 40th Anniversary Album

Macross 40th anniversary collaboration album, featuring Walküre, Ranka Lee, and Sheryl Nome


2022 marks 40 years since the sci-fi anime classic The Super Dimension Fortress Macross took to the skies. To celebrate its music, its galactic idols are teaming up for a 40th anniversary album, full of the music we've all come to love.


The announcement dropped during today's staging of Macross Frontier Galaxy Live 2021 "REVENGE", held at Hyogo's World Memorial Hall. The concert had a previous engagement at Chiba's Makuhari Messe Event Hall.


Macross Frontier Galaxy Live 2021 "REVENGE" at Makuhari Messe


Titled Deculture!! Mixture!!!!!!, the album will feature songs chosen by fans during this summer's Macross music poll. Sheryl Nome (performed by May'n) and Ranka Lee (voiced by Megumi Nakajima) will perform Walküre's "Ikenai BORDERLINE," and Walküre will perform Sheryl and Ranka's "Sayonara no Tsubasa ~ the end of triangle."


Additionally, all seven singers will unite for "Ai Oboete Imasu ka (40th Anniversary DeCulture Edition)," a new orchestral arrangement of Minmay's iconic song from Macross: Do You Remember Love? The song, which has been covered numerous times both inside and outside the series, will feature an arrangement by composer Takayuki Hattori (SlayersMartian Successor Nadesico, and numerous Godzilla projects).


The rest of the track list will be announced in the near future.


Macross F REVENGE concert at Makuhari Messe


In addition to a standard release, two limited-edition versions of the album will be available: a "Frontier Edition" and a "Delta Edition." The Frontier Edition will include jacket art of Sheryl and Ranka, as well as a bonus track of the two singing a medley of Macross Delta songs. Similarly, the Delta Edition will sport a Walküre cover, and include a bonus track of Macross Frontier songs performed by the group. Pre-orders made before February 22 including both special editions will come with a selection of "Deculture Goods!!!!!!!"


Macross 40th Anniversary Collab Album: Deculture!! Mixture!!!!! comes out April 6, 2022.


Source: Comic Natalie


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