Ikimonogakari Singer Kiyoe Yoshioka Voices Singer-Songwriter Girl in Original Short Anime "Massara"



As reported, an original short anime "Massara" (Whole New) inspired by Ikimonogakari singer Kiyoe Yoshioka's first original solo song of the same name was posted on Ikimonogakari's official YouTube channel last night. And it was revealed that Yoshioka voiced one of its two protagonists, Nazuna, by herself. She previously made a guest voice appearance as Eevee in the 2013 film Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened, and this is the first time for her to play the lead role in an anime film.


Popular voice actress Kana Hanazawa (Kuroneko in Oreimo, Mitsuri Kanroji in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) is also cast as another protagonist girl, Yuna.


The anime's story centers on a singer-songwriter, Nazuna, who is about to stop chasing her dream, and a very shy girl, Yuna. They meet and influence each other to create their own future. Yoshioka said of her VA debut, "I tried my best I could, and when I realized it, it was over in an instant. The animation was so beautiful that I was drawn in and was able to enjoy working on it. I was very moved by the scene where Nazuna and Yuna, the two main characters' thoughts and inner struggle for the songs are depicted, and their feelings crossed each other. One of the highlights of the film is the faithful reproduction of the scenery of the station where I used to perform on the street when I made my debut. I think this is a kind of work that you can feel 'real.' I hope you will all enjoy it." 


And Hanazawa adds, "The animation was so delicate and captivating that I wanted it to be released in theaters as it was, and I felt that it was a work that was created with great care. I've listened to a lot of Yoshioka-san's singing voice, so I was very happy to be able to participate in such a wonderful project. She was very friendly and talked to me (during the recording with Yoshioka). I became more and more a fan of her personality, which is refreshing and gentle, and makes me feel comfortable being in the same space with her. I think the anime has a joy of being able to enjoy Yoshioka-san's voice to the fullest, and also has the depth of flavor of the songs you listen to while feeling the story!" 



Short anime "Massara":





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Source: EPIC Records Japan press release




Source: Crunchyroll


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