INSECT LAND TV Anime Bugs Out in April of 2022

Beetle looks on with wonder at the other insects playing and having fun in a scene from the upcoming Insect Land TV anime.


Kids with an interest in insects will soon have a new educational show to watch, because INSECT LAND, a series of fun and educational children's books written by Teruyuki Kagawa and illustrated by Thomas Romain, is being adapted into a children's TV anime.



The main staff for INSECT LAND includes:


  • Original work: INSECT LAND series (written by Teruyuki Kagawa, illustrated by Thomas Romain)
  • Executive producer: Teruyuki Kagawa
  • Director: Jun Kawagoe
  • Series composition, screenplay: Yuuichirou Kido
  • Character design: Ayumi Kakei
  • Creative support: Studio No Border
  • Production: TMS Entertainment
  • Animation Production: TMS Jinni's
  • Planning cooperation: Lotus Roots


A key visual for the upcoming Insect Land TV anime, featuring the main cast of anthropomorphized insect characters smiling and posing for the camera.


INSECT LAND is set in the tiny country of Insect Land, and it follows the cute daily lives of insects while teaching children about the ecology of various bugs. The series will broadcast on the NHK E TV Network beginning in April of 2022.



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