Join the Phantom Thieves in Changing the Hearts of the People With Our Persona 5 Exclusive Lineup!


Awaken your Persona with the latest CR Loves collection featuring Persona 5! Summon powerful monsters and defeat the shadows while wearing this limited edition lineup debuting on the Crunchyroll Store! 


Shop the CR Loves: Persona 5 now!


CR Loves: Persona 5


Choose from a set of designs that include one hoodie, one anorak, two long sleeves, and two T-shirts.


Perfect for fall, fans of the series won’t want to miss this treasured collection! This line will only be available for pre-order until December 20, so don’t wait–be the first to secure your favorites now!


The entire collection is available now at the Crunchyroll Store! 


>>>Shop the entire CR Loves: Persona 5 now


Source: Crunchyroll


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