Joshikousei ni Korosaretai Live-action Film Releases New Teaser Trailer that Repeats Disturbing Murmurs



The official website for the forthcoming live-action film adaptation of Usamaru Furuya's (Litchi☆Hikari Club) suspense manga Joshikousei ni Korosaretai (I Want To Be Killed by a High School Girl) has posted a 35-second new teaser trailer to announce its release date of April 1, 2022.


After conveying the peaceful scene of the protagonist Haruto Higashiyama played by Kei Tanaka gaining popularity among high school girls, he repeats the disturbing murmurs, "I want to be killed." At the end of the clip, it says, "Are you ready to open the forbidden door?"





It has been also announced that Satsuki Fukagawa, a clinical psychologist and Haruto's former lover who knows about his past is played by Yuko Oshima (former AKB48 member). "The word 'Kishi Nenryo' (suicidal ideation) written by Usamaru Furuya-sensei in the original story made me read the book with a sense of not being a stranger in the world of today," She says. "This film, written and directed by Hideo Jojo, depicts life, death, and sexuality in a more speedy and fragile and familiar way that can only be projected by flesh-and-blood people."





The manga was serialized in Shinchosha's bi-monthly magazine Go Go Bunch from 2015 to 2016, then compiled in two tankobon volumes. Its story centers on Haruto Higashiyama, who became a high school teacher because he wanted to be killed by a high school girl. While living his daily life as a popular teacher at school, he has been secretly and meticulously planning for nine years to realize the "ideal way to be killed." His two ideal conditions are: "It must be a perfect crime" and "He must be killed with her full effort". In a bright and peaceful school, the man's plan proceeds quietly and steadily.


Hideo Jojo, who has mainly worked on adult films, is attached to direct on his own screenplay. 37-year-old actor Kei Tanaka is cast as the protagonist, Haruto Higashiyama.



Poster visual:



Manga 1st & 2nd volume covers:



Source: "Joshikousei ni Korosaretai" live-action film official website / Twitter


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