Key Announces Prima Doll Mixed Media Project Receiving TV Anime Adaptation In 2022


Visual novel developer Key along with parent Visual Art's has announced the forthcoming debut and first details of its latest mixed media franchise in Prima Doll. The first announcement for the franchise is a TV anime adaptation that is currently in production with a premiere slated for this year alongside figure and tie-in novel releases. The initial cast and staff are detailed below:


Prima Doll characters


Haizakura (Voiced by: Azumi Waki / Character Design: Na-Ga) – Karasuba (Voiced By: Tomori Kusunoki / Original Design: fuzichoco) – Gekka (Voiced by: Miyu Tomita / Original Design: Yui Hara) – Houkiboshi (Voiced by: Yuki Nakashima / Original Design: En Morikura) – Retzel (Voiced by: Akari Kito / Original Design: lack)  A teaser trailer has also been released, embedded below:



The staff consists of Bibury Animation Studios handling animation production, with Tensho of Rewrite fame handling direction, Tо̄ya Akano and Kai are handling screenplay and series composition while Akane Yano is in charge of handling character designs for animation outside of the aforementioned illustrators, who provided the original character designs.


SOURCES: Official Twitter, Comic Natalie 
(c)VISUAL ARTS / Key / BAS・プリマドール製作委員会


Source: Crunchyroll


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