Komi Can't Communicate, takt op.Destiny Headline New 'Anime Zone' Block on TV Tokyo in October

Komi Can’t Communicate


During TV TOKYO's programming presentation today, the Japanese broadcaster announced that they will be creating a new anime block aiming to produce and cultivate TV anime hits such as Naruto, and Pokémon. The programming block, named "Anime Zone", will run at midnight on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and be headlined by upcoming TV anime shows takt op.Destiny and Komi Can't Communicate this season.


The new block, as well as the rest of the programing on TV TOKYO in October, is to create "strong projects" that people will choose to watch on any platform in an "era of full distribution." The idea is to get people watching on their smartphones through streaming services which then feedbacks into watching on TV for new episodes. The presentation said that anime was an indispensable part of TV TOKYO's history.


The "Anime Zone" block begins this October with takt op.Destiny on October 5 at midnight, followed by Komi Can't Communicate on October 6 at the same time.


Sources: Oricon, Mantan Web



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Source: Crunchyroll


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