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Maaya Uchida Performs Naruto Theme "Blue Bird" for Cover Song Project CrosSing

Maaya Uchida


Earlier this month, we reported on the beginnings of CrosSing: a project bringing together talent from the worlds of voice acting, anime music, and more to cover popular songs. As of today, the first song of the season is up!


Voice actress Maaya Uchida (Catarina Claes in My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!) gets the ball rolling with her cover of Ikimonogakari's "Blue Bird," the third Naruto Shippuden OP:



The CrosSing YouTube channel will be posting a new video on March 11, featuring an interview with Uchida about the song and her memories of it.


"Blue Bird" is available to listen to on multiple platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. Both the original track and the instrumental are available.


The first season of CrosSing will continue with tracks from voice actresses Akari KitoYui Ishikawa, and Kana Hanazawa, fhána vocalist toawana, stage actor Toshiki Tateishi, and VTuber Shibuya HAL.


Source: Anime! Anime!


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