My Hero Academia – Invisible Girl Face Revealed?!


The official release of My Hero Academia chapter 337, titled, ‘A Disposable Life,’ is only a day away. Of course, this means leaks and fan translations of the chapter are already out and circling around the internet. And after taking a quick peek at some of the leaks I would say that this upcoming chapter is going to be very eventful.

If you are interested to see what goes down you can read our full spoilers and breakdown article right here. However, for this article, we’ll be focusing on one specific event from the chapter. An event that fans have been waiting to see for a while.


First, before we get into some spoilery discussion I must warn you that many spoilers for both the manga and the anime will be mentioned in this article. This is your one and only spoiler warning before we jump into some heavy spoilers. So if you want to remain unspoiled I would highly suggest you click away now.

With that out of the way, let’s jump into it!

MY HERO ACADEMIA: even the invisible Toru Hagakure has his action figure -  Opera News

False Calls!

If you can’t tell by the title already this may surprise you, in the leaks and raw scans for MHA chapter 337 we finally get to see the face of one of UA’s most forgettable students. If you can’t tell who I’m talking about I’ll enlighten you, the character we see in chapter 337 is none other than Toru Hagakure, the Invisible Girl.

For fans of the series who have been around for a while, you may think that Hagakure’s face was already revealed. For those unaware back in May of 2021, a photo of Kozaki Suzune from the manga Saguri-Chan Tankentai began to circle around, with many claiming that it’s Hagakure’s real face. This was quickly proven wrong as the photo being spread was proven to be a quick collab that Horikoshi Kouhei did with the mangaka of the Saguri-Chan Tankentai series, who was actually Kouhei’s assistant on MHA.

Face Revealed!

With the leaks showing Hagakure’s face we can now say with certainty, (this time), that Hagakure’s face has been revealed.

As to how this happened, it was something quite simple. Using her ability to refract light Hagakure was able to turn away a navel laser that was shot by the traitor, Aoyama. Due to the amount of light, she was refracting the hero’s face was briefly shown. And many fans have already jumped aboard the Hagakure train. When just a couple of weeks ago, she was being framed as the UA traitor…

Here are some of the internet’s reactions to the hero’s face finally being shown.

And while some people were busy reacting and just falling in love with the character others are asking some important questions…

Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia officially and for free on both and Manga Plus. Please do, as this supports the author and the series.

Let us know what you think of Hagakure’s long-awaited face reveal in the comments below. And be honest, did you think she was the traitor after chapter 335?

Make sure to check back next week where we’ll be ready with even more My Hero Academia content. Till the stay tuned!

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