Nao Toyama & Kiyono Yasuno's Unit Poka Poka Ion Makes Their Official Debut with Slow Loop OP Theme



Poka Poka Ion, a special unit consisting of Nao Toyama and Kiyono Yasuno, has announced that they will make their official debut with the OP theme "Yajirushi→" for the winter 2022 TV anime Slow Loop. Along with the announcement of their debut, they have released their artist photo and have opened their official website, Twitter account, and YouTube channel.


The unit was unofficially formed by the two, who are also members of the VA unit Walküre for the Macross Delta franchise, in 2017 with the wish "We want to sing together someday!" The site writes their concept is "to heal people's hearts and bring them vitality 'vitamins' for tomorrow."


In the announcement video, Yasuno says, "I think we've been saying this for about five years. It can be called an indies unit, or something like that, and we talked about how it would be nice to do something together someday, and now, after a long time of wishing, we will be able to sing a song together!" And the two explain the purpose of the unit together, "The concept of our unit is to warm your hearts and give you healing that will make you feel like an oasis in your heart. We aim to be such a wonderful unit."


There is a notice on their site that says, "December 19, please leave it open." So an important announcement is expected to be made on that day (probably the release day of their first single, or the song's music video?). 





Artist photo:






TV anime "Slow Loop" 2nd PV featuring the OP song:





Source: Poka Poka Ion official website / YouTube channel


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