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Naoka Yamada’s Newest Anime Film ‘Garden of Remembrance’ Announced for 2023

At Annecy International Animation Film Festival, K-ON! and A Silent Voice director appeared on stage with Science SARU producer and CEO Eunyoung Choi to reveal the acclaimed director’s next anime film, an original film titled Garden of Remembrance. The film was announced today to be released in 2023 with a teaser visual released.


Garden of Remembrance teaser visual


At Annecy, Yamada revealed that she was inspired to create the film when asked by Eunyoung if she wanted to produce a short film centered around music. Yamada, a music lover herself, decided to call upon Japanese singer/songwriter Lovely Summer Chan to produce the music for Garden of Remembrance and worked together to decide on the theming of the film. They both worked backward from the keywords of “Feminine films” and “Femininity,” which Yamada noted could be said for all of her films, creating a poem based on those themes and making a film from there.


Hello, This is Terumi manga creator Etsuko Mizusawa was specially asked by Yamada to create the original draft character designs for Garden of Remembrance. Yamada said that she can “sense the feminine fragrance of a lifelike girl” from Mizusawa designs.


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The teaser for the film received huge applause from the crowd at Anncey. Yamada exclaimed that she “is really happy to be in Annecy! I'll continue to do my best to make works! Thank you!” Eunyoung excitedly promised, “Let's meet at Annecy again soon!”


Garden of Remembrance is set to be released in Japan in 2023 with the film being produced at Science SARU.


Source: Oricon


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