Nintama Rantaro TV Anime Celebrates 30th Anniversary in 2022

A promotional banner advertising the Nintama Rantaro TV anime featuring Rantaro and his friends Kirimaru and Shinbei dressed in their ninja school uniforms.


Historical children's gag manga turned TV anime adaptation Nintama Rantaro (known in English as Ninjaboy Rantaro) is gearing up to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2022, and a new teaser visual featuring artwork by series character designer Emiko Niiyama has been published for the series.


The visual (below) features Rantaro and his friends Kirimaru and Shinbei waiting outside the gates of ninja school with a cow.


A teaser visual for the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Nintama Rantaro TV anime featuring Rantaro and his friends Kirimaru and Shinbei standing outside the front gate of the Ninjitsu Academy with a cow.


Nintama Rantaro began broadcasting on the NHK network in 1993, and it is now one of their longest running animated series. The story of Nintama Rantaro is described as follows:


Rantaro, Kirimaru, and Shinbei are far from being excellent ninjas. As they embark on their training at the ninja school, they are joined by their tongue-in-cheek friends, ninja masters, and idol senior ninja trainees. All the unbelievable mistakes and confusion over the course of their training sets the base for loads of fun and entertainment.


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