Platinum End TV Anime Unveils 3 More Cast Members For the Angel's Game

Platinum End


As the angel's fun continues in the latest episodes of the Platinum End TV anime, based on the manga series of the same name by Death Note writer Tsugumi Ohba and artist Takeshi Obata, more humans get involved with the godly exploits, with three of Metropoliman's minions announced today alongside the confirmation of their voice actors for the Signal.MD-produced TV anime.


Volcano Ota (Zirloin in Dragon Ball Super) will be voicing Ryuji Bakumatsu

Platinum End


Masumi Tazawa (Rei in Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM) will be voicing Fuyuko Kohinata

Platinum End


Megumi Han (Gon in Hunter x Hunter) will be voicing Fukumen no Shonen

Platinum End


Platinum End started in Japan on October 7 and will broadcast until March 2022. Crunchyroll streams the series as it airs on Japanese TV, describing it as such:


"I will give you the hope to live."


Kakehashi Mirai lost his parents in an accident and lived in misery with the relatives who took him in. Having lost hope in everything, he jumped off the roof of a building on the day of his middle school graduation. But then he met an angel…


Sources: Platinum End on Twitter


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