Princess Connect! Re: Dive’s Muimi Takes Center-Stage for the Return of the Princess Gala!

Princess Connect! Re:Dive


Heyas, Knights! Bet y’all are excited after reading those headlines, huh? Trust us, we’re just as excited as you are! We’ve got a slew of gacha-related announcements to make, including the return of the Princess Gala (and a much-anticipated character front lining the spectacular), as well as the return of daily free 10-draws, too. Plus, get a sneak preview of other events making their way to Landosol for the second part of our 1st Anniversary.


(By the way, if you’re a fan of Princess Connect! Re: Dive, you should definitely check out the official anime if you haven’t already done so! Season 2 is airing right now, and it’s an absolute joy to watch. I know of a website that’s simulcasting it… rhymes with shmunchyroll.)


The Princess Gala makes another triumphant return, with a character that you’d be remiss to miss: Muimi! No spoilers regarding the Main Story here, but if you’ve been following the plot, you know how important of a character Muimi is, and how powerful she is in battle – and boy, does this character live up to the hype! She deals damage like none other, and has a unique Union Burst that isn’t just a big one-shot effect, instead turning all of her skills into stronger versions of themselves as long as her TP gauge doesn’t run empty. You know what they say: speak loudly and carry a large sword. 


Of course, this being a Princess Gala, you’ll also enjoy double the 3★ Draw Rates, meaning that you’ve got double the chances to meet powerful units (like Muimi) during the special campaign. The previous Princess Gala-exclusive character, Christina, will also be added back into the pool of characters you can obtain. However, only Muimi will be available for redemption via character points, and, like other Princess Gala-exclusive characters, won’t be added to the normal Premium Gacha rotation after her time in the spotlight ends. Map out your plans accordingly! 


Finally, we’re extending the Gala to last way longer this time, from 2/1 23:00 UTC to 2/14, 22:59 UTC, for a grand total of two weeks. Mark your calendars – there’s no better time than the Princess Gala to meet new characters! Especially when…



That’s right – we’ve got a very special 1-Year Anniversary Campaign headed your way! You love ‘em, I love ‘em, we all love ‘em. Daily free 10-draws are making a comeback, and they overlap (almost) perfectly with the Princess Gala! During all but one day of the 14-day period that the Princess Gala runs, you’ll be able to perform a free 10-draw once a day, every single day. That’s a mind-boggling 140 free draws that everyone gets to perform for free! Plus, with the doubled 3★ Draw Rates, these free 10-draws might be worth more than their weight in Jewels!


The 1-Year Anniversary Daily Free 10-Draw Campaign runs for 13 days, from 2/1 13:00 UTC to 2/15, 12:59 UTC. 



What’s the only thing better than boosted 3★ draw rates? Guaranteed 3★ draw rates! You guessed it – the 3★ Guaranteed Premium Gacha is making another return, giving everyone another chance to ensure a prized encounter with the characters of Landosol. Opportunities like this to guarantee drawing the best that the gacha has to offer are pretty few and far between, so don’t miss it!


The 3★ Guaranteed Premium Gacha runs for seven days, from 2/1, 23:00 UTC to 2/8, 22:59 UTC. Since this overlaps with the aforementioned Princess Gala, it’s possible for Gala-exclusive characters to be drawn this way. Doesn’t get much better than that!



To add to the festivities, we’re also dropping new content. Continue charting your course through Castalia Woods (East), featuring new enemies, new challenges, and new rewards for your troubles. Here, you'll find new equipment that can raise your characters to a maximum of 5 equips at rank 12, as well as new Hard Quest nodes for Yui, Shinobu, and Tomo. Making your way through Area 21 will also unlock up to Episode 5 of Chapter 11 of the Main Story. 


We'll also be increasing the level cap from 121 to 124. With the addition of new heroines and new content, you’ll want to start stocking up on Mana and EXP potions now! In addition, new BGM will be added to the Memorial Jukebox for further customization.


If that wasn’t enough, characters will also come to pay a visit with a special message on your Birthday! That’s one more reason to look forward to your birthday.


The February content drop lands on 2/1 at 13:00 UTC. 



With Muimi joining the fray, we hope you’ve prepared your heroines – it’s time to bring back a limited-time challenge, as the Tower of Luna opens its doors once again for challengers to climb! The supercharged Dungeon is back and it has prepared yet another new set of 20 floors complete with unique monsters, Shadows, and a new set of bosses to beat, with plentiful rewards for your troubles. Don’t worry, your progress from the last Tower of Luna event is carried over and you can continue the ascent from the floor you left off. Remember, your party of characters can carry over between floors (assuming none of them hit 0 HP), and you can reset your characters to full HP once a day. Can you make the climb up to the 190th floor and complete the EX mission?


The Tower of Luna reopens its doors for five days, from 2/5, 13:00 UTC to 2/10, 15:59 UTC. If you haven’t done so already, you'll need to finish Main Story Quest 9-1 in order to access the Tower. We wish you good fortune, adventurers!



To spice things up, we’ll also be unlocking Level 7 of both Grotto Quests to help you stockpile the much-needed Mana and EXP Potions. You’ll gain access to Level 7 of both Grotto Quests after clearing Main Story Quest 10-1 and the previous Level of the Grotto Quest. This will be available starting from 2/2, 13:00 UTC.


On top of that, a generous serving of “grot-two” will also be making its return. During the Grotto Quest Double Drop Campaign, you’ll obtain twice the Mana and twice the EXP Potions when completing Grotto Quests. With the new Grotto level and the double drops, your coffers will certainly be thanking you.


The Dungeon Double Drop Campaign runs for 10 days, from 2/7, 13:00 UTC to 2/16, 12:59 UTC.



For easy reading and accessibility, included below is a summarized version of all the updates announced today. Thank you for all your support, and we hope you continue to enjoy Princess Connect! Re: Dive! 


See you in Astraea, Knights!

— Crunchyroll Games

*Note: All event details may be subject to change. Please check the in-game notifications at the start of the events for the full details.


  • Muimi Princess Gala (2/1 23:00 UTC to 2/14 22:59 UTC)
    • Boosted rate-up for Muimi, also available for redemption via character exchange points.
    • Doubled draw rates for 3★ characters in the Muimi Princess Gala.
    • Muimi is a limited unit and will only be available during the Princess Gala Gacha period.
    • Christina will also be available during the Princess Gala Gacha period.
  • 3★ Guaranteed Premium Gacha (2/1 23:00 UTC to 2/8 22:59 UTC)
  • 1-Year Anniversary Daily Free 10-Draw Campaign (2/1 13:00 UTC to 2/15 12:59 UTC)
  • Tower of Luna (2/5 13:00 UTC to 2/10 15:59 UTC)
    • Unlocked after completion of Main Story Quest 9-1.
    • Complete each floor for rewards.
    • Reset your teams back to full health daily.
    • Progress made during this month will carry over towards future Tower of Luna events.
    • Floors 171-190 and EX Floor 190 Unlocked.
  • February Content Update (2/1 13:00 UTC)
    • Main Quest Area 21 unlocked.
    • Level cap increased from 121 to 124.
    • Character equipment cap increased from 12-4 to 12-5.
    • Chapter 12 of the Main Story unlocked, up to Episode 5.
    • Birthday Message from Heroines.
  • Grotto Quest Double Drop Campaign (2/7 13:00 UTC to 2/16 12:59 UTC)
    • Grotto Quest Level 7 Unlocked. (2/2 13:00 UTC)


Source: Crunchyroll


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