Princess Plots in How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom TV Anime PV

With a smile on her face, princess Roroa Amidonia sets a scheme in motion in a scene from the How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom TV anime.


A preview video focusing on the character of the sharp-witted princess Roroa Amidonia has been published for How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom, a TV anime based on the series of isekai fantasy light novels written by Dojyomaru and illustrated by Fuyuyuki about a young man who finds his hands full of politics and intrigue when he is summoned to a magical fantasy world in an effort to save a nation from ruin.



The original How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom light novels are published in Japan by Overlap under their Overlap Bunko imprint. An English language version of the series is available in digital format from J-Novel Club and in print from Seven Seas Entertainment. Funimation describes the story of the series as follows:


Suddenly summoned to a fantasy world and betrothed to the princess, Kazuya Souma is crowned the new king after providing the royal family with impressive advice. To rule the kingdom, he’s taking the nontraditional (and very human) route of administrative reform. In a realm of dragons and elves, will this revolutionary’s unique path prove effective?


A new key visual for the upcoming How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom TV anime, featuring the main cast of characters posing in their respective uniforms with a range of expressions on their faces, from looks of steely determination to malevolent smirks.


The How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom TV anime is directed by Takashi Watanabe and features animation production by J.C. Staff. The second cour of the series is scheduled to begin broadcasting in Japan in January of 2022, and the first cour is currently available in the United States via streaming on Funimation.


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