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RAISE A SUILEN from BanG Dream! Releases Their New Live-action MV "Light a fire"



RAISE A SUILEN, the third real band from Bushiroad's BanG Dream! mixed-media franchise, has posted a live-action music video for "Light a fire," which will be included in their ninth single "CORUSCATE -DNA-" to be released on April 27.


The bonus Blu-ray for the single's 8,580-yen (70.84 USD) limited production edition includes this live-action MV for "Light a fire,", the previously-introduced two anime MVs for "CORUSCATE -DNA-" and "Repaint," as well as the performance clip of "BE LIGHT" from their Tokyo concert of the "RAISE A SUILEN ZEPP TOUR 2021."




"Light a fire" MV:








"Repaint" MV:



RISE A SUILEN new artist photo:





  • LAYER / Rei Wakana (vocal & bass) – Raychell 
  • LOCK / Rokka Asahi (guitar) – Riko Ohara 
  • MASKING / Masuki Sato (drums) – Natsume 
  • PAREO / Reona Nyubara (keyboards) – Reo Kurachi 
  • CHU² / Chuyu Tamade (DJ) – Risa Tsumugi



RAISE A SUILEN character visual:




 Sources: "BanG Dream!" official YouTube channel, Bushiroad press release


©BanG Dream! Project


Source: Crunchyroll


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