RECS: Top 30 Anime of All Time According to Silvervale


This article is part of our series "So You Wanna Be An Anime Girl?"—a series of articles and interviews with the members of the VTuber agency VShojo. Each of the members' Top 30 Anime is accompanied an interview with the VTuber. You can see Silvervale's interview here!





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1. Wolf's Rain


A lot of people don't even know this anime exists, but ever since I was little, it really spoke to me. I think it's a big reason why I love wolves so much! It's just such a unique anime. It's so beautiful and it's really touching. I think people—especially if they like wolves—should watch it. It has a really cute story and it's very heart-wrenching and beautiful. I like it a lot even though it's a Boomer anime… a lot of my favorite anime is Boomer anime.



2. Ghost Stories (the amazing hilarious English dub… does this count?? lmao)


The English dub for this show is the most amazing thing in the entire world. It's so funny! It's absolutely hilarious and it's one of my all time favorite anime just because it's so funny. They make so many jokes that probably wouldn't be okay now, but they're really really funny. The story behind the English dub came to be is really interesting, too. It's just a really good and absolutely hilarious anime.


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3. Fullmetal Alchemist


Fullmetal Alchemist is special because it's one of the first anime I ever watched with my brother. I love it so much! I love the story and the characters… it's just really good. It's kind of… another Boomer anime, but it's iconic. It's one of the best anime of all time.


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4. Spirited Away


This is one of my favorite anime movies. I had a huge crush on Haku for the longest time!! It was one of the first anime movies I ever watched and it really spoke to the escapism aspect of wanting to go on an adventure when you're little, and the desire to travel to another world. It's a really beautiful story. It's also a movie that I've watched with my mom! She had never seen an anime movie before that, and she liked it a lot!



5. Inuyasha


I also had a huge crush on Inuyasha… All of my crushes were anime boys. I really love this show! It's kind of iconic, but I wish Kagome didn't lose the Shikon jewel shards so often. She really dragged out the whole series since she kept ruining everything! I still really like the series, though. It's another big reason I like wolves, probably. It's a touching series and it's a really well done isekai story.


6. your name.

7. Kiki's Delivery Service

8. A Silent Voice

9. Elfen Lied

10. Trigun

11. Hellsing

12. Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-

13. Blue Exorcist

14. KONOSUBA -God's blessing on this wonderful world!

15. Death Note

16. No Game No Life

17. Sword Art Online (first season :') )

18. Log Horizon

19. Mob Psycho 100

20. One Punch Man

21. Fairy Tail

22. Bleach

23. Cowboy Bebop

24. Death Parade

25. Soul Eater

26. Darling in the FranXX

27. Samurai Champloo

28. Princess Mononoke

29. .hack//SIGN

30. Chobits



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