River City Girls 2 Will Beat 'Em All Up on Consoles and PC Next Summer

River City Girls 2


Hot on the heels of the latest about the classic beat 'em up port that's coming over as River City Girls Zero, developer WayForward came through with more details about River City Girls 2. The sequel is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC via Steam in Summer 2022, and you can see some fresh footage in the teaser trailer below. 



River City Girls 2 features six playable characters, online co-op for two players, three difficulty settings, and a bunch of new moves and features. If you're here for the story, this is what WayForward has to say about it:


Picking up where its predecessor left off, River City Girls 2 throws hot-blooded high-schoolers Misako, Kyoko, Kunio, and Riki—along with newcomers Marian and Provie—into the fight of their lives when an old foe returns to wreak havoc. But the girls (and guys) aren’t just giving up; they’re fighting back with new stat-altering accessories, new items, new weapons, and additional moves (such as Kyoko’s Cartwheel Kick and Misako’s Lightning Rider), along with brand-new abilities like guard-crush attacks and lift-off combos. Recruited foes are back to assist in battle—this time two can be held at once—and players can now enlist the help of hired henchmen who pack even more of a punch!


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