School Days Anime Gets New Merch Centering on Final Episode


The Japanese online reservation shopping platform AMINBUS has announced a new slate of merchandise for the infamous School Days anime adaptation, with a twist. The merch which spans iPhone cases, a tote bag and apparel is splashed with new art related to the final scenes of the final episode of the series with English text, to add visual flair.





Pricing for the merchandise which includes tax, starts at  ¥4180 for the T-shirts, ¥4950 for the tote bag, and ¥3850 for the iPhone cases, which will be available for the 7 all the way to the 12 Pro Max and models inbetween. AMNIBUS will be accepting reservations until November 29th, and products will be shipped in order of availability from early February of 2022.


SOURCE: Comic Natalie
(c) STACK / School Days Production Committee 2007



Source: Crunchyroll


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