SEGA Arcades Across Japan to Lose Iconic Signage as Parent Company Rebrands

SEGA's Akihabara arcades

(Photo: Daryl Harding)


The bright lights of SEGA arcades illuminating the landscapes of Japan's urban sprawl will soon become a thing of the past as the new parent company of the business will be rebranding the legendary SEGA logos to GiGO as the company buys out the remaining bit of influence SEGA has over the veteran business.





The chairman of GENDA, the company that currently owns a majority stake in GENDA SEGA Entertainment – which runs the SEGA arcade business in Japan – announced today that GENDA has purchased the remaining 14.9% of shares of GENDA SEGA from SEGA to own 100% of the company. Because of this, GENDA SEGA Entertainment will be rebranded to GENDA GiGO Entertainment, and arcades across Japan will lose the iconic SEGA signage that has been in use for 56 years and be rebranded as GiGO.





According to the chairman's tweet, GiGO stands for "Get into the Gaming Oasis," hoping to entice people into a "realistic gaming oasis."


SEGA confirmed back in November 2020 that it had sold off a majority stake in the arcade business to GENDA while retaining a non-voting, non-controlling minority stake. The company allowed the new business to continue using the SEGA branding and IP in the arcades to smooth over the transition, as well as retain customer loyalty. 


SEGA's Akihabara arcades

(Photo: Daryl Harding)


The first locations to be rebranded will be the new Ikebukuro store (and assumably the rest of the project), the Shinjuku arcades, and what's left of the arcades in Akihabara, with the rest of the arcades across Japan to be rebranded at a future, unspecified, date.


Sources: Nao Kataoka on Twitter (1, 2)


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