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Sgt. Frog Gets Busted in Japanese Anti-Piracy Collaboration Ad

Mr. Movie Thief and the member's of Keroro's Platoon get arrested for piracy in a scene from the "STOP! Piracy" Sgt. Frog x No More Movie Thief collaboration video.


Being an alien is no protection from the long arm of the law in a cute collaboration between Mine Yoshizaki's Sgt. Frog manga and anime and No More Movie Thief, a character from the STOP! Piracy public awareness campaign.


The seven second ad (below) featuring the collaboration between popular characters features storyboards, direction, and animation direction by Fumitoshi Oizaki, the character designer for the Sgt. Frog TV anime. The ad is entitled "An Alien Who is Arrested in 7 Seconds", and it highlights a 2021 legal revision that extends copyright protections in Japan not just to music and movies but to other copyrighted material (such as manga) as well.



Like other No More Movie Thief ads, the Sgt. Frog collaboration ad will be screened in Japanese movie theaters across the nation, and it is also hosted on the official Youtube channel of the Content Overseas Distribution Association (or CODA, for short). Crime doesn't pay, ribbit.


Source: Comic Natalie


Copyright notice:

© Mine Yoshizaki / KADOKAWA・BNP・TV Tokyo・NAS・BV

© "Let's Go to the Movies!" Production Committee


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