SINoALICE Presents Black Butler Collab Characters — Including Butler Snow White

SINoALICE x Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic


Last week, we reported on SINoALICE's latest anime collaboration — a team-up with Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic. As of today, the event is underway, with six new characters up for grabs in the Grimoire and a brand new storyline to play through.


2017's Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic adapted volumes 11-14 of the original manga, following on from 2014's Book of Circus. But instead of a doomed ocean liner, Ciel and Sebastian will be making their way to a baron's mansion. Check out the trailer for the collaboration event, featuring more information about the new story:



It was announced earlier that logging in during the event would get you a Sebastian/Mage for your party:




Throw in on the Midnight Reverie Step Grimoire events to get more Black Butler characters: 

Undertaker/PaladinElizabeth/BreakerCiel/Gunner, and Grell/Crusher — each (like Sebastian) featuring dialogue from their original voice actors:







There's also one hell of a special class for an existing SINoALICE character: Snow White/Butler.


Snow White/Butler


Get a closer look at them all in the Step Grimoire trailer:



Jump in the "Endless desire… ~A Butler Crosses the Threshold~" co-op guild event for more rewards, complete purifications for gifts like Twilight Crystals and new emotes, and earn more in-game goodies by taking part in the game's social media campaign between now and January 3. 10 participants will also get a shirt featuring art from the event.


SINoALICE Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic runs until January 11.




Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


Source: Crunchyroll


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