Sonny Boy English Dub Announced, Cast & Crew Revealed

Can they unravel the mystery of their circumstances and get back home? We’re excited to announce that the Sonny Boy English dub is officially on its way to Funimation, and we’ve got your first details on cast, crew and more!

Starting September 16, the Sonny Boy English dub will arrive on Funimation, which means it’s almost time to experience (or re-experience!) the latest from director Shingo Natsume (One-Punch Man Season 1) and MADHOUSE.

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The English cast of the series includes Derick Snow (Fire Force, Smile Down the Runway) as Nagara, Tia Ballard (FAIRY TAIL, DARLING in the FRANXX) as Mizuho, Daman Mills (SK8 the Infinity, NANBAKA) as Asakaze and Luci Christian (My Hero Academia, One Piece) as Nozomi.

Check out the full cast and crew list below!

Nagara Derick Snow
Mizuho Tia Ballard
Asakaze Daman Mills
Nozomi Luci Christian
Hoshi Ry McKeand
Rajdhani Siddhartha Minhas
Cap Patrick Seitz
Hayato David Matranga
Machi Lauren Landa
ADR Director Alexis Tipton
ADR Engineer Olivia Harris
ADR Scriptwriter Tyler Walker
ADR Mix Gino Palencia

Sonny Boy, an original from Shingo Natsume and team, is currently streaming on Funimation as part of the Summer 2021 anime season lineup.

Are you excited for the Sonny Boy English dub? Share this post and let us know! And stay tuned to Funimation for even more amazing anime headed your way, this season and beyond.

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