Sora Amamiya Shows Off Her Cool Singer Side in New MV "Lonely Night Discotic"



The official YouTube channel for voice actress Sora Amamiya (Elizabeth Liones in The Seven Deadly Sins and Aqua in KONOSUBA -God's blessing on this wonderful world!) has started streaming a short version music video for "Lonely Night Discotic," the lead track from one of her forthcoming two best albums, "RED." Dressed in a red dress inspired by the album's title, she shows off her a mature and cool performance.


As with  "This Hope" in another best album, "BLUE," "Lonely Night Discotic," is written/composed by herself. This will be the first time that a song written by herself will be included as the lead track. As reported yesterday, her first best albums, "BLUE" and "RED,", are scheduled to be released simultaneously on January 5, 2022. 




"Lonely Night Discotic" short MV:








"Sora Amamiya BEST ALBUM – BLUE -"


 1. "This Hope" (new song)

 2. "Skyreach" (1st single / TV anime Akame ga KILL OP)

 3. "Marvelous scene"

 4. "Defiance"

 5. "Silent Sword"

 6. "Trust Your Mind"

 7. "Eien no Aria" (11th single / The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement 2nd cour OP)

 8. "Regeneration" (10th single / The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of the Gods ED)

 9. "Absolute Blue"

 10. "Eternal" (5th single)

 11. "Velvet Rays" (3rd single)

 12. "Souten no Symphonia"

 13. "PARADOX" (10th single / Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It OP)

 14. "Song for"






"Sora Amamiya BEST ALBUM – RED -"


 1. "irodori" (4th single)

 2. "Shu!Bi!Du!Ba!"

 3. "Fluegel"

 4. "Eden no Tabibito"

 5. "Emerald"

 6. "Tsukiakari" (2nd single / Akame ga KILL! ED)

 7. "Hibana"

 8.  "Lonly Night Discotic" (new song)

 9. "Queen no' cry"

 10. "Feather Rondo"

 11. "Merry-go-round"

 12. "VIPER" (8th single)

 13. "Freesia" (12th single / Heaven Official's Blessing JP edition ED)

 14. "Chikai" (6th single / The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments 2nd cour ED)



Source: Sora Amamiya official YouTube channel


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Source: Crunchyroll


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