Spring 2022 TV Anime Healer Girl Releases Shining Key Visual & ED Movie



The official website for the forthcoming original TV anime series Healer Girl has been updated with a key visual and the ED movie featuring the ED theme song "Believe like Singing." sung by the four-member voice actresses/singer unit Healer Girls. The unit was formed by Karin Isobe, Akane Kumada, Marina Horiuchi, and Chihaya Yoshitake in March 2021 as a result of their activities in BS11's anime music program "Anison Days." 


The TV anime is directed by Yasuhiro Irie (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), alongside character designer Yukie Akiya (Princess Principal) and series composition writer Noboru Kimura (Skate-Leading Stars), at Studio 3Hz (Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online). It is set to premiere in Japan in the spring of 2022.



Story introduction:


The third kind of medicine, healing — "voice medicine," which uses singing to heal illness and injury. And those who perform medical treatment by singing are called "Healer." There are three apprentice healers working at the Karasuma Voice Clinic – Kana Fujii (CV: Karin Isobe) is an energetic mood maker, Reimi Itsuhiro (Marina Horiuchi) is a little strong-willed young lady, and Hibiki Morishima (Akane Kumada) is the calm but firm older sister-type girl. After school, the three first-year high school students are training to become full-fledged healers at the clinic! Along with Sonia Yanagi (Chihaya Yoshitake), who is a returnee who is a certified C-level healer, the girls are singing songs of healing today as they work towards their dreams! 



Key visual:



ED Movie:



OP movie:



Ahead of the TV premiere, a reading event "Healing Theater" will be held at Science Museum in Tokyo on March 6. The four members of Healer Girls will appear on the stage for readings, a talk session, and their mini live song performance.





Healer Girls members:





Sources: TV anime "Healer Girl" official website / Twitter


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Source: Crunchyroll


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