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Square Enix Officially Announces Kingdom Hearts 4


During the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event, Square Enix officially announced Kingdom Hearts 4.


The game follows series protagonist Sora in a new world called the Quadratum, a large sprawling city that looks very much like real-world Japan. Sora now embarks on a new storyline called the "Lost Master Arc" and is seen summoning his Keyblade against a large enemy.


Donald and Goofy will make a return as well, and the new trailer shows the mysterious black hooded figures come back too. A new character named Strelitzia will make their first appearance here. It's currently unknown whether this is the same character from Kingdom Hearts Union X, where Strelitzia was a Union leader after the First Keyblade War.


No platforms or release windows were revealed for Kingdom Hearts 4 yet.


Square Enix also announced Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, a new title for iOS and Android. Players can journey through various places from Scala ad Caelum and even into the real world. It'll feature a new, original story, and a beta test will occur sometime this year.




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