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Square-Enix Teams Up With Japanese Audio Brand Onkyo For Nier Automata Bluetooth Earbuds


High-end Japanese audio equipment brand Onkyo, a brand better known for building expensive A/V receivers, home stereos and speakers that packed home audio magazines and catalogs for over 50 years has in recent years tied up with various anime and video game franchises in the past decade to keep its brand relevant with increasingly younger and more mobile customers through the Onkyo Anime sub-brand.



Nowhere is this more evident with its shift into portable audio gear such as Bluetooth headphones, earbuds and high-end portable audio players. Its latest collaboration sees it offer Nier Automata-branded Bluetooth earbuds in the CP-TWS01A NieR model of Bluetooth wireless earbuds to celebrate the game's 5th anniversary along with its 6 million sales milestone. The earbuds are currently available for pre-order now, with international ordering and shipping available.



The earbuds will ship in early July with pricing set at ¥15,000 yen or USD $127 at the latest exchange rate. The earbuds feature the YoRHa aircraft insignia silkscreened on both earbuds, with the storage and charging case being inscribed with "Wireless Earphone" inscribed in the Angelic script used in the game.


SOURCES: Onkyo Anime (JP) and Siliconera


Source: Crunchyroll


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