Studio Ghibli Theme Park to Open in Aichi on November 1, 2022

My Neighbor Totoro


Studio Ghibli and Aichi Prefectural government announced today that the previously announced Ghibli theme park will open on November 1, 2022, after years of construction. To celebrate the announcement, Studio Ghibli and the Aichi Tourism Bureau teamed up for a tourism website and a live-action video produced by the anime studio on the beauty of Aichi prefecture.



Studio Ghibli's tweet on the announcement of the park opening:




In a following tweet thread, Studio Ghibli highlights some of the ongoing construction of the park:











Ghibli Park will see the iconic images of Studio Ghibli's films brought to life in an array of areas not only inspired after the anime movies but will see perfect reconstructions of the locations and items found inside all of Ghibli's works. Some concept images released show a life-sized version of Howl's Moving Castle (though it's stationary in the park), as well as the Ironworks from Princess Mononoke, Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro, and the Great Ghibli Warehouse, which has decor inspired by Spirited Away and other works.


Check out the concept art of the park below:


Ghibli Park


Ghibli Park


Ghibli Park


Ghibli Park



Studio Ghibli theme park


Studio Ghibli theme park


Ghibli Park


Studio Ghibli theme park


Studio Ghibli theme park


Source: Studio Ghibli on Twitter



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