"The [email protected]" Yayoi Takatsuki Appointed as Takatsuki-city's Tourism Ambassador



The official website for The [email protected] franchise announced on January 12 that Yayoi Takatsuki, one of the popular idols who belong to 765 Production, was appointed as the tourism ambassador for Tatatsuki City in Osaka by The Takatsuki City Tourism Association and that she paid a courtesy call on the Mayor of Takatsuki, Takeshi Hamada.


Because of the same name, Takatsuki City has been regarded as a "sacred place" by Yayoi Takatsuki fans for years. Yayoi's popularity is well known to Takatsuki's tourism officials, so The Tourism Association approached Bandai Namco Entertainment, the publisher of the game franchise, and asked her to become a tourism ambassador. A series of events to celebrate her appointment, including a stamp rally and sale of original goods, will be planned in the city from January 20.



Message from Yayoi Takatsuki:


Hello everyone! I'm Yayoi Takatsuki from 765 Production. I've been appointed as the "Takatsuki Tourism Ambassador" of Takatsuki City in Osaka Prefecture! It's my first time to be a "tourism ambassador" and I'm so excited. I'll do my best to introduce a lot of the charm of Takatsuki City to everyone!





Yayoi Takatsuki with Takatsuki City's mascot character Hanitan:





In addition, a collaboration campaign with Yayoi Ken, one of Japan's most popular restaurant chains, is also confirmed to be held in March 2022.


For many years, it has been customary for fans to visit Yayoi Ken's Takatsuki branch every year on Yayoi Takatsuki's birthday, March 25. Until now, this action was only spontaneous by the fans, but this year, the event will finally be held as an official collaboration to celebrate her birthday. Details will be revealed in early March.





Sources: The [email protected] franchise official website, Takatsuki City Tourism Association


©Toshiyuk iKubooka ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.


Source: Crunchyroll


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