TOHO animation Launches New Anime Music Video Project "Wonderism"



On January 27, Toho's animation label TOHO animation announced the launch of a new anime music video project entitled "Wanderism: Kimi wo Yobu Koe (The Voice That Calls You)." It tells a sci-fi story set in Goshikizuka Kofun in Kobe City, Hyogo, which is a huge ancient tomb built around the end of the fourth century to the beginning of the fifth century. 


Animator Shino (Digimon Ghost Game digimon designer) creates the original idea and concept design, and the four-member Japanese piano rock band Howl Be Quiet (The Dungeon of Black Company OP theme) is in charge of the music. The band has written a new song "Wonderism" for the project. And Katsuhiro Takei (Land of the Lustrous, HELLO WORLD) serves as the producer. The anime music video is scheduled to be released on the web in March 2022.


"'Toho is making an 'anime music video' set in Kobe City.' When we first heard about this project, we were filled with excitement and joy that we could be a part of such a project," Howl Be Quiet members say. "We had visited Kobe many times for live performances, and we were happy to be able to work with such a large town which is one city." Then they add, "We would be happy if the song becomes a theme song for the locals of Kobe City and is loved for a long time."









Source: "Wanderism" project official website / Twitter 


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Source: Crunchyroll


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