Umamusume: Pretty Derby Meme Inspires Name for IRL Race Horse

Special Week insists that she won't give Meijiro McQueen any thanks in an scene imagined by Tokai Teio during the second season of the Umamusume: Pretty Derby TV anime.


It seems that even horse racing professionals enjoy horsing around, because recently Meitai Farm – a farm in Hokkaido that specializes in breeding race horses – announced that one of their stable has been named after a meme inspired by TV anime Umamusume: Pretty Derby.



The horse, a female born in 2020 to dam Sauveur Tosho and sire Big Arthur (of Makita Stable in Ritto), has been named "Agemasen" (English translation: "You can't have it!") by her owner. The name is inspired by a scene in episode 11 of Season 2 of Umamusume: Pretty Derby, in which Tokai Teio daydreams that Meijiro McQueen will be denied thanks from the members of Team Spica, and Special Week is especially insistent in her denials in this fantasy.


Although Special Week is the horse-girl that utters the "Agemasen!" that inspired the initial Internet meme-ry, Meitai Farm notes that the IRL race horse Agemasen is not actually related to the IRL race horse, Special Week.


Source: Official Meitai Farm Twitter feed (@meitaifarm) via Otakomu


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