Voice Actor Showtaro Morikubo Posts His Artist Debut's 20th-anniversary Song Music Video



Lantis' official YouTube channel has posted a music video for "Shunkashuto," voice actor Showtaro Morikubo's (Shikamaru Nara in Naruto, Yusuke Makishima in Yowamushi Pedal) artist debut 20th anniversary song. The song was also digitally released on December 15, and his fellow anime voice actors – Daisuke Ono, Kenichi Suzumura, and Takuma Terashima joined as back chorus singers. 


While working as a popular anime voice actor, Morikubo made his solo singer debut with his first single "The Answer" in June 2001. Since then, he has released 15 singles and four original albums.


The title "瞬花繍灯" (Shunkashuto) is a homonym for the Japanese word for the four seasons, "春夏秋冬," and implies that the small fireworks that have flickered in his 20-year activities have been embroidered together to light up the present. He says in a video message, "I wrote this song to express my gratitude for the 20th anniversary of my music career and my intention to continue my activities with this kind of feeling."



"Shunkashuto" MV:



360 Reality Audio version:



Digital jacket:



Video message:



Source: Lantis official YouTube channel


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