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Voice Actress Kiyono Yasuno Releases Her 1st Full Album "A PIECE OF CAKE" on July 27



The "important and exciting" announcement" revealed during the live-streaming program for voice actress/singer Kiyono Yasuno's (Megumi Kato in Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend) solo artist debut fifth anniversary last night was the release of her first full album "A PIECE OF CAKE" on July 27, 2022. In addition, her third live concert tour is planned. Its schedule will be announced at a later date.


She made her solo artist debut with her first mini-album "Namida." released on July 26, 2017. And her first full album will be available just one day after its fifth anniversary day in Japan. The title of the album, "A PIECE OF CAKE," is an idiom meaning "no big deal" or "an easy thing to do," and was chosen by Yasuno herself. Also, most of the lyrics of the new songs in the album are inspired by motifs that Yasuno herself came up with. She says on Twitter, "Great, quality songs. I am honored to join as a singer. A pinch of color in your life. 'A PIECE OF CAKE.' Please have a taste!"


The album will be available in three editions: Its limited edition A comes with a plush mascot of PakuPaku Monster with an original ribbon, while its limited edition B comes with a bonus Blu-ray that contains the music videos for her second single song "Haremoyou," third single song "Felicita," and fourth single song "Onnaji Kimochi."








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2nd single "Haremoyou" April 29, 2020)



3rd single "Felicita" (March 3, 2021):



4th single "Onnaji Kimochi." (October 20, 2021)



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Source: Kiyono Yasuno official website / Twitter




Source: Crunchyroll


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